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by Kristin Falck |
Out of the 24 times customers interact with dealerships, 19 of those are digital. This means that ensuring that your dealership is set up to engage the right shoppers with your online inventory is more important than ever. A dealership’s DMS database is the perfect tool to access highly targeted audiences that have already connected with your brand. DMS Audiences are readily accessible, so you just need to decide which customer segments you’re ready to digitally reconnect with. More
by CDK Global |
Experience a new version of CDK Service Connect Community that’s built around a more personal experience with an automatic newsfeed that ensures you have all the tools needed to utilize your CDK Solutions. The newsfeed in Service Connect contains relevant content from training, industry insights and product information to webinars and live key events. Learn more about getting set up and what's all included. More
by Colleen Harris |

Digital Retailing and Connected Store 

In the last few years, Google Analytics has become a standard in the automotive industry. It’s a very useful tool to help analyze how shoppers are coming to the site, how long they spend on the site, and where they might convert to a lead. More

White Papers
by CDK Global |

Communications: The Key to Driving Dealership Success

With good communication – both with your customer and employees – you can grow your business and increase sales. More

by Jon Purdy |

It’s not you – it’s us. Our beloved automotive industry does some things very well and, yet, other things have been a struggle for decades. If some of the traits in this article sound familiar to you, then you’re not alone. Let’s begin with why we sometimes fail to set an appointment.

by Jake Young |

If you're a homeowner, you rest with ease knowing that your home's foundation is solid, the pipes and plumbing are working fine, and your family is secure. And just like your house, your IT Network needs to have a solid foundation for your business. More