Fueling Automotive Retail by Harnessing the Power of Data Insights and Intelligence

For Today's Automotive Industry Leaders to Truly Disrupt the Market, They Must Have the Data and Tools That Will Boost Their Productivity and Bottom Line.

To Compete Successfully, Dealerships Need the Insights and Software Tools to Act on Their Data
Better customer engagement through custom solutions
Better customer engagement through custom solutions

Provide personalized service to your customers and earn credibility, loyalty and trust

Optimize operations through AI
Optimize operations through AI

Sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence infused directly into your CDK solutions turns challenges into opportunities

Enable seamless connections
Enable seamless connections

Integrate data for smarter, faster business decisions

Data Insights and Integration Drive Competitive Advantage

Data is in our vehicles, our management systems and third-party systems. However, that data is frequently siloed and fragmented, so you miss out on chances to solve business problems and connect with customers. With the right combination of extensive market data, powerful analytics and artificial intelligence, your data can give you a serious competitive advantage.

You have the data. CDK Global can show you
what to do with it.



As a dealership, we know you rely on consumer data. That’s why we built the perfect solution to fit your business. Our proprietary data services will help you harness that data so your dealership can focus on the best prospects to convert.

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Neuron is CDK Global's next- generation intelligence engine. Using a combination of deep market data, cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence, Neuron generates valuable actionable insights that empower automotive industry's leaders to boost sales and profitability.

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Fortellis is a powerful technology platform that revolutionizes the automotive retail industry by enabling businesses to build, innovate, and integrate apps and workflows. Through the Developer Network and Marketplace, the Fortellis platform connects OEMs and dealers with software developers to create new and exciting customer experiences.

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How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Automotive Retail



Find out firsthand how powerful and easy it is to unlock the full potential of your data with CDK Global's Intelligence solutions.