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Fine-Tune Your Phone: Hold Time Abandon

Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging. Consumer Reports says that a long wait on hold is the third most annoying experience for customers while calling a business. How can you make sure your customers stay happy when they’re on the phone? Our infographic can tell you how.
1 Min ReadJan 18CDK Global
Are Service Advisors the New Video Stars?

Are Service Technicians the New Video Stars?

Service departments have been experimenting with videos for their customers. But how effective have they been? And are they worth the effort for your dealership?
1 Min ReadJan 15CDK Global
Fine-Tune Your Phone:  IVR and Voicemail Abandon

Fine-Tune Your Phones: IVR and Voicemail Abandon

Optimize Your Phones for When You Can’t Answer. Are your voicemail boxes are set up properly and cleaned out on a regular basis? Have you tried calling your store after hours to see how well your IVR process works? Download our infographic to get more tips that will help you create a better voicemail experience.
1 Min ReadJan 11CDK Global
Dealership Benefit

Five Ways Your Auto Dealership Can Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

CDK Global unveils how key decision-makers at dealerships can leverage AI technologies, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to solve business problems and identify profitable opportunities.
1 Min ReadJan 7CDK Global
How Video Affects ROI

How Video Affects ROI

Once dealerships started seeing the benefits of Service video, there was still one question that needed to be answered: what was the return on investment? So, TruVideo conducted further research to provide dealers — particularly those with low or medium adoption — with a delta report.
5 Min ReadJan 4CDK Global
Don't Lose Opportunities Because Calls to the Destination Phone Number Are Being Missed

Fine-Tune Your Phones: Unanswered Calls

Powerful Phone Tools From a Trusted Partner CDK Call Tracking tools work with your CRM system to help you recover missed opportunities. With the right tools, you can measure and improve employee phone skills to convert more phone calls to sales and appointments. Download our infographic to learn how.
1 Min ReadJan 4CDK Global
Untangling Automotive Data and Making It Work for Everyone

Using Video to Drive the Customer Experience

When dealers first started using TruVideo to share Service videos, the goal was to help customers better see and understand...
5 Min ReadDec 21CDK Global
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Doing More with Less: How CDK Consulting Can Take Your Dealership Further

Some issues at your dealership can be so close to you that they go completely unnoticed — and cost your...
1 Min ReadDec 16CDK Global

Collaboration: The Key to Driving Dealership Success

The way you communicate with your customers and your employees says a lot about your dealership. Our new e-book, Collaboration:...
1 Min ReadDec 12CDK Global
How Video is Changing the Service Business

How Video is Changing the Service Business

Over the last 25 years, businesses have seen data and analytics measure engagement, sentiment and conversion on websites and social media.
6 Min ReadDec 9CDK Global
What Automotive Dealers Think About Artificial Intelligence

What Automotive Dealers Think About Artificial Intelligence

CDK Global unveils how key decision-makers at dealerships are implementing AI to increase productivity and profit.
1 Min ReadDec 6CDK Global
How Virtual Assistants (AI) Help Retain More Service Customers

How Virtual Assistants (AI) Help Retain More Service Customers

The current inventory shortage presents a problem for dealership Service departments.
3 Min ReadDec 6CDK Global