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Adopting Artificial Intelligence in the Service Department

Artificial intelligence

One of the most widely used and rapidly expanding data-driven technologies today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). We engage with AI daily, like using Siri or Alexa to contact our family and check the weather or using the iRobot app to vacuum the house. These are just a few examples of how AI is altering how people interact with one another, and how we, as consumers, envision what it would be like to have everything we need at our fingertips. Now it’s easier than ever for automotive dealers to use machine learning and AI to stay competitive and differentiate themselves as AI becomes an integral piece of the customer experience.


Consumer expectations and engagement experiences have grown much faster than what many dealerships can keep up with. While some dealers have already incorporated voice assistants and AI into their dealership workflows, the majority continue to use the same methods that were handed down from the generation before them.

Of those dealers using Artificial Intelligence, 47% are utilizing it in the Service department.

Car owners have an almost limitless choice of options for service work. Keeping these customers returning to your Service department requires the ideal blend of attention, experience and expertise — all things that AI is well-suited to help deliver. Even the best Service departments face challenges when trying to seize opportunities to increase service business, RO opportunities and customer satisfaction. Providing top-tier customer service in the dealership has become priority number one, starting from the first phone contact.

38% of consumers will stop doing business with a company if they have a bad call experience.


With the implementation of an advanced and self-sustaining AI voice assistant, dealers can be sure that they won't just be another statistic. Most calls to the Service department revolve around a common task, like scheduling an appointment. Enabling an AI virtual assistant to engage and respond to every customer quickly helps streamline requests to provide a better experience while freeing up staff to build lasting relationships. Having an AI Virtual Assistant also means built-in intelligence, so it recognizes when it needs to hand off customers to a Service staff member for more complex issues that require a conversation. This helps alleviate customer frustrations while allowing your staff to focus on providing an excellent customer experience.


Adopting AI can provide your customers with the modern dealership experience that they are expecting for all their brand engagements. Below are just a few more ways that AI can ensure continued success and customer happiness within your Service department.

  • Reminding customers about their next suggested service visit
  • Notifying customers about factory recalls when they book a Service appointment
  • Informing customers about repair status and Parts order status
  • Following up with customers who came in for a visit but declined the recommended service

AI is quickly expanding throughout the automotive industry worldwide. For the Service department, maintaining and regaining clients depends heavily on trust and transparency. Dealers can offer more proactive and customized service by combining the correct AI technology with customer-focused tactics. To learn more about CDK Collaboration Solutions click here

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Jessie Hammonds
By Jessie Hammonds
Product Marketing Manager

Jessie Hammonds is a product marketing manager at CDK Global. Jessie is eager to assist dealerships to transform and create continued success in today’s hybrid world.