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Ease Your Technology Growing Pains With a Unified Digital Toolkit

CDK Unify

To be competitive in today’s market, dealerships have come to rely on specialized digital tools for managing inventory, Sales, Fixed Ops and more.

These applications improve nearly every aspect of operations. But as the quantity and complexity of these solutions increase, so does the overhead associated with managing them. This presents dealerships with some unique challenges.

Average number of unique applications deployed by CDK customers
Source: CDK Business Intelligence 2022

Lengthening the Learning Curve

Let’s start with onboarding and training new employees. It’s no secret that dealerships experience significant employee turnover. And while average annual turnover fell to an 11-year low of 34% in 2022*, that still means that on average, dealerships replaced one-third of their employees last year.

34% – Average employee turnover for US dealerships in 2022*

Not only does hiring take time, it also takes time to onboard and train new hires. As the tools required to do the job become more numerous and complex, that training period can extend from a matter of hours to days or weeks. A longer training time means a bigger impact to the dealer’s bottom line.

$5,000 – Average cost of recruiting and onboarding a new dealership employee**

More Programs, More Problems?

The ever-expanding number of solutions and their associated learning curves impact your staff across the board. Those in management or hybrid roles must spend more time coming to grips with multiple sets of tools, each of them often requiring its own unique login credentials and workflow. And, of course, IT staff become increasingly essential as dealerships’ digital tools expand.

Thankfully, there’s a way for dealerships to stay on the cutting edge while minimizing technological growing pains.

Enter CDK Unify

CDK Unify unites all the CDK Global dealership business solutions in one intuitive, secure, cloud-based interface that can be tailored to suit a wide variety of users. Here are just a few reasons we think dealers will love CDK Unify:

  • Intuitive Interface : Launch multiple applications and workflows from within a single interface to boost employee engagement and productivity. You’ll have fewer windows to juggle and spend less time navigating menus.
  • Single Sign-On: In one step, you’re recognized by the cloud-based interface for immediate access to all your CDK applications — no more managing separate login credentials for different tools.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Beyond access to the applications themselves, CDK Unify introduces new, simplified workflows designed around the unique needs of users across all parts of your business.
  • Personalization: CDK is tailored to both power users and trainees alike. Users can favorite applications and workflows, so they can easily find their most essential tools.
  • No Added Cost: We’re invested in your success. CDK Global is proud to offer CDK Unify as a complimentary enhancement to all customers using any CDK application.

To learn more about CDK Unify and secure your spot on the priority deployment list, click here.

*National Automobile Dealers Association 2022 Dealership Workforce Study
**JM&A Group – The Real Cost of Hiring at Your Dealership

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