Dealerships Are Turning on Buying Excitement With CDK Roadster Digital Retailing
Austin Kohlieber
| 23 February 2023

Dealerships Are Turning on Buying Excitement With CDK Roadster Digital Retailing

Online Is Key in Automotive Industry Forecast 2023

While inventory is improving and the chip shortage is mostly behind us, a big challenge remains. Buyers are shopping online at an increasing rate, and dealers who don't prepare for this reality stand to lose out on auto sales — including the rapidly growing EV market. This is especially true among millennials and Gen Xers, who now make up a higher percentage of the auto purchasing market and prefer to buy digitally.

While many consumers enjoy shopping side by side with their salesperson, our Friction Points Study 2023 reports that the more time shoppers spend in the dealership, the more it lowers their NPS. One of the top ways for dealers to overcome this is by bringing at least part of the process online. Why? Because customers can engage with it when they want, where they want, anytime they want. Online is becoming the consumers’ portal to the showroom and to a more satisfying buying experience. And that’s exciting.

Dealerships that don’t adapt to digital retail may find themselves in the rearview mirror. According to the same study, only 30% of dealers are leveraging digital retailing in a way that incorporates shopper preference once they're in the showroom. Delivering on those preferences through omnichannel retailing is key to future success.

Dealers Are Adopting Digital Retailing Solutions

In response to consumer demand, top dealerships across the country are adopting solutions that enable online shopping. At the forefront is CDK Roadster, which provides these proven results:

Roadster Provides a Seamless, Omnichannel Experience

With Roadster, you not only give consumers the ability to shop online; you give them a true omnichannel experience, so they can go where they want to go, from online to your showroom, and your system will follow along seamlessly as you close the sale. It's the automotive industry's only complete digital sales platform. And it’s simple to add to your dealership:

  • The automotive industry’s only complete digital sales platform
  • Comes with everything you and your customers need to transact online and in your showroom
  • Compatible with dealers’ preferred CRMs, lending solutions, website providers and more

Learn how CDK Global can help you turn on the buying excitement. If you have questions, or would like a free demo, give us a call today.

Austin Kohlieber
Austin Kohlieber

Austin Kohlieber is a product marketer at CDK Global. He is currently focused on products for the CDK Modern Retail suite.