CDK Connected Lot

Launch both new and used market data into powerful, profitable decisions with CDK Connected Lot — activate total lot intelligence for a complete inventory suite.

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Team Up With All the Smart Data

Elevate Profits

Know which are the right new and used cars to stock for your market and help your dealership reach its top bottom line with Connected Lot.

Optimize Operations

Save valuable time, quickly calculating the right price for your new and used vehicles and merchandise them efficiently with our automated tools.

Outsmart the Competition

Know your strengths and competitors’ weaknesses — Connected Lot gives you market, historical and seasonal data for the insights you need to make smarter decisions for a healthier business.

Put the Total Package To Work

Make That Data Sing

Analyze powerful data from your DMS and the complete auto market with cutting-edge data tools — reveal actionable insights for inventory, pricing, merchandising and more.

Maximize Pricing

Price vehicles quickly and competitively with our new and used car solutions. Put pricing on your side with the inside track every dealer would love to have.

Get Custom Insights

Produce detailed reports on your used and new inventories to help your team stay on top of sales results, inventory pricing, wholesale values and auction data.

Launch Auctions in Minutes

Create a better experience that keeps customers from going to competitors.

Drive Inventory Success

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