CDK Used Lot Intelligence

Stock effectively, price instantly and launch auctions instantly with CDK Used Lot Intelligence’s innovative tools — start taking your dealership inventory management to the next level.

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Put Valuable Insights To Work

Stock What’s Selling

Analyze market and dealership data from the entire auto market and your dealership to reveal actionable insights that can lead you toward new profits.

Unlock Sales Opportunities

Tap into leads you would have otherwise missed and unlock new sales opportunities.

Elevate Efficiency

Take advantage of instant auctions and automated pricing to save your team valuable time and grow profitability.

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Count On the Latest Data

Get up-to-the-minute analytics from your dealership and the complete auto market. Gather insights to help you make smarter stocking and pricing decisions.

Launch Auctions Instantly

Instantly launch a virtual auction for your vehicles with TradeRev — you’ll receive bids within minutes of taking a trade-in.

Maximize Profits

Adjust the pricing of your pre-owned inventory automatically with SmartPrice — designed to increase dealership efficiency and maximize profits.

Uncover New Leads

Alert your Inventory Manager to which Service and Sales customers have positive equity with CDK Equity — this helps you uncover leads that would otherwise go untapped.

Create a Smarter Lot

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