CDK Roadster Express Trade®

By adding transparency and trust to the process, CDK Roadster Express Trade is available as an add-on trade-in appraisal solution for consumers who want to sell their car.

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Express Trade

Mobile First

With customers using smartphones for practically everything, automatically capturing trade-in info with our Express Trade appraisal tool helps foster transparency and trust.

More Control

Express Trade enables you to centralize the vehicle-appraisal process and unlike other vehicle trade-appraisal solutions, it gives you complete control over what you offer your customers.

Save Time

We don’t call it Express Trade for nothing. Our trade-in tool makes it quick and easy to capture and assess a customer’s vehicle info, so you can make them a firm offer in minutes.

Fully Loaded

Our Express Trade appraisal tool comes with everything you need to remotely value a vehicle and make customers a firm offer in minutes.

VIN Barcode Scanning

Customers can scan their VIN barcode with their smartphone or enter it manually with Express Trade, so you have all the vehicle’s build data right at your fingertips.

Photo Uploads

With Express Trade, customers can snap and share photos of their car using their smartphone, which builds trust and makes it easier for you to appraise the vehicle.

Simple Evaluation

After customers answer a few basic questions about their car, all of the trade-in info is pushed directly to your inventory management tool for efficient assessment.

Firm Offers

Because it’s fast and easy to collect and review the customer’s trade-in info with Express Trade, you can make them a firm offer in minutes that everyone can feel good about.

Make Trade-Ins Fast and Easy

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