Kim Saylor
| 17 March 2022

Maximize Customer Interest in Connected Car Technology for Your Service Department

When customers understand the promise of connected vehicles and are aware that your Service department can provide them with connected vehicle services, you have the formula for greater business success. But why stop there? There are additional actions you can take to maximize customer interest and increase your profits.

Overcoming the Number One Obstacle

In our previous article, we mentioned that consumers show a powerful affinity toward Service departments offering connected vehicle services — with 89% expressing belief that it will cause their experience to improve, and 76% of those who currently visit another provider for service showing willingness to return to their dealer if such services were offered. However, 67% also shared concerns about the privacy risks that may accompany the flow of connected vehicle data.

If left unaddressed, this could be a serious drawback. But overcoming it can be simple:

  • Explain all the ways connected vehicle services will benefit them (see prior article for details)
  • Assure them that connected vehicle data is protected, and that any communications they receive will not be used for intrusive marketing campaigns, but will only provide information to improve their experience and protect the health of their vehicle
  • Emphasize the elements that inspire their trust in you and your dealership

What are these trust-inspiring elements? Consumers told our researchers that when it comes to their vehicle data, they trust dealerships more than OEMs for two reasons. The first is locality: You’re part of their community, so consumers understand the importance of your reputation. To maintain it, you depend on your ability to keep them happy. The second is your ongoing relationship — you and your consumers share a history that includes a proven track record you’ve worked hard to establish. They know you’re committed to carrying into the future.

Stay Focused on All Your Customers' Service Needs

There’s another part of the puzzle to getting the most out of connected technology, and that’s making sure your overall Service department delivers what your customers want most. Our research shows that consumers are most likely to have their vehicle serviced by a dealership that provides the following:

dealership service customers stats

Let the public know about these in addition to your connected vehicle services, and you can bring more business into your bays.

Tune Up Your Entire Department

Once you have customers in your service lane, the work isn’t over. Next, pursue every avenue to achieve your revenue potential.

Make the Most of Each Service Opportunity
Utilize the right tools to help uncover the greatest profits in every vehicle.
  • Use connected data to discover outstanding needs, then complete them while the vehicle is in your bay
  • Sell additional services in the lane based on vehicle health alert notifications
Improve the Consumer Experience
Your transparency leads to trust — and higher RO totals.
  • Raise awareness of their vehicle’s health by providing full details of outstanding recalls
  • Notify them of vehicle health alerts to support a safe and well-maintained vehicle
Increase Efficiency
Make it simple for your Advisors so you can serve more customers.
  • Place real-time vehicle health status at your Advisors’ fingertips
  • Show them active vehicle concerns and severity level during write up
  • View all alerts easily with a single touch
  • Roll a recall or vehicle alert directly into a new line on the RO

Simply having connected vehicle service capabilities is not enough. To fully capitalize on their positive perception among consumers, dealers are urged to take a multipronged approach: Explain the benefits of connected vehicle technology. Raise awareness of your connected services. Supplement them with the services your customers want. Overcome privacy concerns. And finally, attain your potential in the service bay. Remember — consumers are looking forward to receiving connected services. Make sure they know you’re prepared, trustworthy and open for business.

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Kim Saylor

Kim Saylor is director of product marketing, Fixed Operations at CDK Global As director of product marketing for Fixed Operations, Kim Saylor is responsible for the research, launch and marketing of products to improve the efficiency and profitability of dealerships' Parts and Service departments. Kim currently lives in Florence, KY with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she enjoys running and is a lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.