CDK ServicePricing

Give your customers repair and parts pricing quotes without the wait — now that your personnel can retrieve accurate pricing information instantly with CDK ServicePricing.

Product CDK ServicePricing

Benefits With Real Value

Get Accurate Service Information

Avoid customer frustration and build trust by providing current and accurate pricing information throughout the entire Service workflow to help your Service-selling efforts.

Optimize Service Operations

Avoid Service slowdowns with instant, to-the-penny pricing — including labor, parts, fees and taxes — for greater profits and efficiency.

Streamline Service Sales

Automated suggestions for recommended repairs and preventive maintenance help streamline your Service sales and operation.

Features Worth Exploring

Give your customers accurate, up-to-date pricing for parts and services effortlessly with CDK ServicePricing.

Instant Parts Look-Up

Compatible with over 46 brands and 78 carlines, CDK ServicePricing lets you look up parts and vehicle data instantly, so you can give your customers the numbers they need to see, without the wait.

Suggested Related Repairs

Unlock new opportunities for profit by automatically receiving suggestions and recommendations for services that should be completed with other repairs.

Maintenance Tools

Stay informed on preventative maintenance — including manufacturer-recommended services — for every vehicle that comes through your Service bay with our powerful maintenance tools.

Integrated With Service Workflows

Enhance your Service operation’s functionality and efficiency through ServicePricing’s seamless integration with the CDK DMS and CDK Service workflows.

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