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With a focus on trust through transparency, CDK Service helps to drive more revenue for the service & parts departments, creating a consumer experience so exceptional, your customers won't go anywhere else.

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Keep Customers Coming Back


of customers who went elsewhere for service are willing to return for a better experience.

Source: CDK Service Shopper Research Study

Explore Benefits of Industry-Leading Service

Drive Additional Revenue

Improve profit and make selling additional services a breeze with state-of-the-art solutions and premier communications tools that transform your operation into a smooth, money-making machine.

Service Efficiency

Our single-system workflow puts all your Service tools in one place to eliminate lag time, avoid customer frustration and increase Service Ops efficiency so repairs roll in and out of your bays like clockwork.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a memorable customer service experience that exceeds their expectations throughout the entire process with less waiting, more transparency, faster approvals and a genuine personal connection.

CDK Service Features

We put cutting-edge technology to work for you with an effective and flexible toolbox to supercharge your Fixed Ops.

Online Service Appointments

Put your customers in control by letting them schedule service appointments online 24/7 on your website or from their mobile device for the ultimate in customer convenience.

Powerful Tablet Interface

Get customers engaged by greeting them at their vehicle with tablet in hand. Get the info you need and easily access vehicle histories with one touch through our tablet interface.

Streamlined Service Upsells

Use smart devices to streamline service upsells for more revenue by providing details about additional recommended service work, pricing, photos and videos that customers can approve from their mobile device.

Real-Time Communication Tools

Our real-time communication tools help you integrate your Service and Parts departments with email and text alerts, instant messaging and tracking dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute repair updates.

Elevate Customer Service

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