CDK Elead Desking

Make your automotive desking process more efficient so you can keep deals moving and streamline the way you sell cars.

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See the Benefits of CDK Elead Desking Software

Raise Profit Margins

Higher profit margins are the goal of every business. Make it happen with desking software that highlights the most profitable rates and incentives for faster quote generation.

Mobilize Your Team

Easily pull custom quotes, keep deals moving in off hours, cut down on negotiation time and streamline your workflow.

Close More Deals

Reduce negotiation time with talk tracks and side-by-side comparisons. Our inventory tools help your team present alternate options, speed up the process and close higher-dollar deals.

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We Make Deal-Building Simple

Our desking tools determine which rebates can be combined while applying the latest rates and residuals to your deals, giving your team options to present customers.

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Streamline How You Sell Cars

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