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Dealerships gain success through IT Services -- Should they be part of your organization?

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Today’s modern dealerships need to maximize technology efficiently to improve operations and the client experience. Successful dealers leverage technology to gain speed to value, exceed their goals, and tackle new problems. Central to this success is the management of IT systems and a robust support system. Putting all the pieces in place to achieve success is often a complicated puzzle to solve.

Without a quality support structure, dealers can be left open for costly inefficiencies, downtimes, vulnerabilities, and potential losses that can be devastating. Many dealers don’t have in-house experience or the breadth of coverage to provide these types of services themselves, which can be costly to maintain. Partnering with a third-party for IT Services can provide a more robust yet affordable support system to help manage your IT needs.

What are IT Services?

Many types of IT Services exist today. Whether you have a very specific IT support need, or several, there are service options that can help. Common types of services support can be categorized into a few areas and understanding what they are can help determine if they should be part of your organization.

Monitoring services watch over your network proactively and quickly provide alerting and fixing as well as enforcement for security compliance.

Design offers the deep experience of IT experts that work closely with you to design and deliver solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Support typically involves real-time management of IT infrastructure and remote end-user support, provided by highly trained IT experts.

Examples of IT Services

Here are some examples of IT Services. As the business demands more capabilities, dealers need more choices across IT Services.

Service Desk provides 24/7/365 monitoring and management of IT infrastructure, and remote end-user support, provided by a highly trained Help Desk.

Managed IT Infrastructure is a type of service that handles many aspects of your infrastructure, including network, security, collaboration and device management. This type of comprehensive service is often beneficial when more than one service needs to be supported.

Field Services provide on-site and remote implementation and support services for wide array of technologies including service logistics and repair services.

Professional Services offer experts and consultants that partner with your team to architect and deliver technology solutions based on proven methodology and best practices to help you achieve business outcomes.

How Can IT Services Benefit You?

The benefits of IT Services are many, but mainly revolve around reducing costs, eliminating downtime, and optimizing operations and client experience (customers and employees). Benefits can also be broad or more tailored depending on the types and level of services needed and utilized.

Boosting Operations
IT Services can help free up your staff, whether you go with a fully managed outsourced solution or a partner to augment your existing staff. IT Services can help your dealership implement solutions that anticipate user needs and provide proactive resolutions with automation, self-service and always-on IT support.

Reducing Costs
IT Services can be expensive to provide in-house. Third-party services enable you to spend more time innovating than maintaining by leveraging lower cost resources so IT staff can be freed up to do their best work, while enabling you to gain new technologies with speed, uptime and cost savings.

Consistently Reliable
IT Services can ensure your dealership is providing the highest quality of service. Having predictive and proactive support helps departments focus on their workloads and not be slowed down by downtime or operational issues. Your business is optimized to run as efficiently as possible to achieve speed to value.

Should IT Services be Part of your Dealership?

Technology can be transformational but it can also introduce lots of complexities for a business. If you don’t have all the right pieces in place it can hinder growth. Leaning on the experience, resources and processes of a proven IT Services provider is often the missing piece of the puzzle, allowing your team the flexibility to innovate, scale and grow. These robust IT Services, ranging from infrastructure to network security services, allow businesses to focus on strategic growth initiatives, while leveraging the expertise of a trusted partner to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve service delivery for end users.

In an ever-changing technology landscape, maximizing business outcomes requires a roadmap. Successful businesses know that utilizing IT Services can help pave the way.

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