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With 2X the Consumer Engagement, CDK Roadster Keeps the Excitement Going

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The key to success in today’s world of automotive retail is rooted in the ability to provide consumers with an efficient and personalized buying experience. Do that, and you keep them engaged. Don't, and they could make their purchase somewhere else.

Engaging By Design

To engage consumers, dealers need to anticipate what consumers want from their buying experience — and deliver it at every step of the process. And research shows that while consumers want to complete some of the purchasing process online, they also still want to go into the dealership: According to a recent CDK Global shopper study, 93% of consumers visit a dealership at some point in the buying process. When they move from online to dealership, they want the experience to be seamless, with none of the frustration of information being lost along the way.

Engagement also means not being left alone while their salesperson goes in search of answers. Consumers left alone three or more times reported a drop in satisfaction of 30%. That's why dealers are moving to CDK Roadster.

Two Ways to Improve Sales

One essential takeaway from the above studies is that the customer's information must follow them without fail. The CDK Roadster digital sales platform meets customers where they are — online, in store, and back again. Their information is always along for the ride, to help you deliver a personalized experience at every turn.

Equally important is providing a buying experience that moves at the customer's pace without delay. Roadster, as the industry's only complete omnichannel solution, stands alone in reducing the redundancies that lead to long wait times.

Results Everyone Will Appreciate

What happens when you give customers what they want? Research shows that dealers using Roadster double their level of consumer engagement compared with the industry average: they report an average NPS of +85, more than twice the automotive industry average of +39. They even see engagement continue after the order for a new car is received.


The Good News Keeps Coming

Any time a consumer is excited about the process — from the minute they start looking at cars to that moment they drive their new purchase off the lot — is a great day for everyone.

You know what else is exciting? With Roadster, dealers can fully control the pricing in their digital showroom to avoid any pricing surprises, as well as market in-transit and built-to-order vehicles. So, even when inventory supply is low, demand doesn’t have to be.

Learn how CDK Roadster can help you keep the excitement going. If you have questions, or would like a free demo, give us a call today.

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Steven Walker
By Steven Walker
Sr Product Marketing Mgr

Steven Walker is a senior product marketing manager with CDK Roadster. With a background in automotive CRM and Digital Retail consulting, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities car dealerships are facing today. Steven aims to help dealerships with implementing strategies that optimize their operations, streamline their sales processes, and ultimately drive revenue growth in order to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.