CDK Cloud Connect

Ready to say goodbye to dropped connections, slow service and business apps that continually go offline? Get CDK Cloud Connect for reliable high-speed internet.

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Connectivity Matters

Keep the Connection Going

Keep your dealerships, franchises and customers connected with CDK Cloud Connect. If one circuit slows, it automatically switches to a faster one without missing a beat.

Enhance Productivity

Stay linked to your DMS, CRM, and other business apps with CDK Cloud Connect, so your employees can prioritize their tasks, and stay focused on what matters most.

Increase Flexibility

Choose any broadband provider you want and optimize your network with CDK Cloud Connect. This cloud-based SD-WAN solution lets you succeed on your terms.

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Cloud Connect looks for the fastest connection and automatically routes the traffic the quickest way to get to its end target — the servers.

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CDK Cloud Connect Features

When you have an SD-WAN solution designed with dealers’ specific needs in mind, connecting with employees and customers is easy.

Maximizes Your Network

Keep dealers, customers and entire dealer groups online with our super-reliable, high-speed network that can help boost traffic, leads and conversions.

A Balanced Approach

Now can you manage your circuit load to prioritize faster web service. Get Cloud Connect. It even prioritizes business-critical applications.

Protects Against Outages

When circuit failures and outages are causing other dealerships to crash, having an intelligent solution monitor your connectivity will keep you online and open for business.

Top Service

Get the industry-leading customer service that you’ve come to expect from CDK Global — available to your team 24/7, 365.

Make Smarter Connections

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