CDK Dealer Data Exchange (DDX)

Protect your data with CDK Dealer Data Exchange (DDX). With CDK Drive, DMS clients get unrivaled control for how data is shared, at no additional cost.

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Know Where Your Data Is Going

Keep Unwanted Eyes Away

Know where your data is and with whom it’s being shared with DDX, so you can be sure you’re working in a secure manner.

Protect Your Business

Secure your valuable data with DDX. Rest assured, knowing our cutting-edge technology is at work protecting your valuable dealership data and credentials.

Get More Control

Gain better visibility and understanding of how your dealership is performing. Our tools allow you to operate more intelligently to make more informed decisions to drive improvements.

Use Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Monitor Data Flow Safety

Demand true visibility of your dealership’s data for safer third-party and OEM exchanges. With DDX, easily monitor data flows in real time, so you know for certain where your data is going.

Meet Security Guidelines

Start using reporting feature to help you meet guidelines for dealer data security and safe data handling. With DDX, you can operate your business with peace of mind.

Gain Multistore Control

DDX works with any size of enterprise operations, so even dealership groups with significant data needs can still enjoy precise, reliable security.

Establish Easy Access

Breathe easy knowing DDX is compatible with existing CDK user ID management systems. Adoption is easy, and we ensure critical workflows don’t slow during your installation and orientation.

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