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Top Five Service Features To Increase Retention

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We spoke to 2,000+

dealer, independent and mobile mechanic Service customers and found the top five Service features that stood out for all respondents, regardless of age. Take advantage of each of them.


1.  Transparent Service Pricing

Eliminate Surprises at Checkout
Today’s shopper wants a realistic picture of the cost prior to service, as well as your guaranteed lowest price, a detailed invoice with all related fees and real-time cost updates on any repairs.

45% Love It If Offered


2.  Factory-Trained Technicians and Certified Parts

Leverage These Huge Advantages
Having factory-trained Technicians and certified parts elevates your dealership’s Service department above the competition. Promote these two assets to build customer satisfaction and retention.

41% scored as a love-to-have


3.  Real-Time Mobile Updates

Keep Customers Informed
Real-time teQxt updates and real-time digital progress bars both found a soft spot with consumers and are becoming the norm across retail. They also drive loyalty and save you time.

47% love it if offered


4.   Personalized Offers

Build Your Relationships
Go beyond simply sending Service offers and use technology and data to proactively predict Service failures and notify customers of their vehicle’s health needs.

47% love it if offered


5.  Areas Where Customers Can Be Productive

Make Waiting More Comfortable
Dealerships have realized the importance of providing comfortable workspaces for customers. This includes workstations with charging ports and semi-private areas for phone calls.

47% love it if offered

Bring Them Back to Your Service Bays

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