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CDK Elead CRM Increases Sales and Efficiency for Rusnak Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia

CDK Elead CRM Increases Sales and Efficiency for Rusnak Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia

As Sales Manager at Rusnack Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia, CA, Huy Nguyen knows full well that having an integrated CRM system is crucial to creating a better buying experience for his customers. This in turn lets his dealership cut costs, sell more cars in less time and drive significantly higher profits.

Nguyen originally tried several other CRMs, but switched to Elead because of cost. He quickly discovered that having a CRM that’s fully integrated into the Sales process greatly increases efficiency and profitability. Of all the CRMs Nguyen has tried, he says that "Elead is more integrated with the whole Sales process. It's probably the best CRM I've used as far as integration with our other systems."

Ease of Use Is Powered by Elead CRM

From a Sales Manager’s perspective, "ease of use is of use is a critical component of Elead CRM.” On a given day, Nguyen has nine screens open. He explains, "The less clicks I have to do in one screen to get the same information, the better. The desking tool and day-to-day information we need to see is a lot better in Elead compared to our old system."

Nguyen also appreciates the speed and simplicity. "Elead is very simple to put a note in — it takes less than a minute. I would definitely recommend Elead just because of the usability."

Huy Nguyen

Elead Brings the Entire Sales Experience Together

With Elead, Nguyen's team can work a deal and push it over. "There's no issue. It's pretty streamlined. With our other systems, there were issues pushing deals to DMs because they weren't converting correctly.”

The integration of Roadster with Elead CRM was also a game changer. Now, the dealer gets pushes from Roadster — including deal structure and sales quotes — directly into Elead. How does Nguyen like it? “We tested it, and it works beautifully. The salespeople start the customer in Roadster. Before, the Sales Manager would have to rebuild the whole deal in Elead because it wasn't pushed over in Roadster. Now it's more streamlined and smoother."

Nguyen knows that transparency and efficiency are good for the dealer and the customer.

"Our first pencil is what Roadster is, and it's all in front of the customer. Sales Managers can build deals in seconds instead of waiting 15 minutes for the second pencil to come out. Elead integrates with everything we use, even our vAuto. "

Elead Is Engineered to Sell Cars the Modern Way

Customers want ease, efficiency, transparency and trust in their car buying experience, and having the right CRM lets the dealer give them what they want. Thanks to Elead’s integration with Roadster, customers can start a deal one place and pick it up somewhere else. The process is fluid, from online to dealer back to online. And it’s all curated within the Elead CRM.

Elead integrates with the DMS for more efficiency. Dealers can go from desk to finance with no issues. The desking tool and overall day-to-day management is faster and more efficient in Elead. It offers better review capabilities for managers. And there’s no more rebuilding whole deals in Roadster and no waiting at the desk for customers.

Nguyen closes with his dealership's overall view on Elead: "When it comes to integration with all of our other systems, Elead is probably the best CRM I've used. I would recommend it."

Find out what CDK and Elead can do to transform your CRM and your bottom line.

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