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The 5 Keys to Implementing a Reporting Solution

It’s all about that data. If you go to any marketing or digital conference nowadays, you’ll hear the word data over and over again. Not only because there’s so much of it available, but because the proper use of it allows businesses to make informed decisions that translate to profit. As more and more dealerships realize the importance of it and start implementing analytics solutions, it’s important to know how to do so to get the most out of your data.

1. Don’t Change Everything at Once

With a new solution, dealerships are tempted to try out all the latest features right out of the gate. New reports, new formats, bells, whistles, etc. Be sure to keep new reporting to a minimum. Instead, try to duplicate what you are already reporting on with your new tool. This will allow time for the dealership employees to adopt to the new tool before diving into the more advanced features.

2. Demonstrate How the Solution Will Benefit Employees

Part of a successful new product implementation is to show how the solution will make things easier based on the specific employee function. Emphasize benefits like time savings, automation and less administrative work up front. Employees want to know how it will improve their lives, so remember to focus on “what’s in it for them.”

3. Leadership Vision

Reporting can touch virtually every aspect of the business. Leadership needs to give it the right amount of attention and set the right level of expectations for how it will be used in the dealership. Make sure everyone knows what they are accountable for. And remember, the new solution won’t create change — employees will. The real power is using the solution to drive meaningful conversations, identify gaps and help share best practices.

4. Train Early and Often

Create learning opportunities with a plan that starts out basic and then gets more advanced. Focus on the knowledge that will truly improve that individual’s daily responsibilities and do your best to keep the training specific for each unique job function. Make it interactive and schedule “refresher” meetings to keep the information top of mind with employees.

5. Reward Small Victories

What are the most important things you want to accomplish in the first six months after implementing a new solution? When you hit those goals, be sure to celebrate them. And give kudos to those employees or teams that are doing something meaningful with the data or delivering new insights.
With these factors in mind, implementing a new reporting solution can be easy — and make a huge difference at your dealership. To find out more about how you can turn your data into action. How much time are you spending creating reports? Executive Eye is cutting-edge business intelligence software that automates the data gathering and report creation process.

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