CDK Neuron Service Performance

Harness the next-generation intelligence engine of CDK Neuron Service Performance to improve your Service performance and profitability.

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Smart Performance Working for You

Key Insights on Service Performance

Using deep market data, cutting-edge advanced analytics and AI, Service Performance identifies and quantifies Service revenue opportunities to improve your operations and performance.

Simple Dashboard and Workflow Tools

Our intuitive, intelligent modules deliver recommended metrics with simple dashboard and workflow tools that help you optimize your Service performance.

Auto Manufacturers and Dealer Collaboration

OEMs and dealers can compare their Service performance against other dealers to create a better customer experience.

Performance Powering Features

Neuron Service Performance empowers OEMs and dealers to have productive conversations about improving performance.

Accurate, Actionable Data

The advanced analytics used by Service Performance identify the dependencies and trends in each dealer’s full dataset to deliver accurate, actionable data that helps you capture revenue opportunities.

Productive Collaboration

OEMs and dealers can now work from the same data to quickly identify Service performance problems and make data-driven decisions to solve them, together.

Profitable Service Performance

Personalized recommendations and metrics help you identify revenue opportunities by capturing the full lifecycle of service appointments and applying it to your dealership.

Improve Key Performance Indicators

Our recommended metrics help you improve Service productivity for better Customer Satisfaction Index and Net Promoter scores.

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