Human Capital Management With Payroll Plus®

Make life easier for your dealership HR Managers. Equip them with Payroll Plus®, an intelligent suite of solutions that helps streamline operations — from HR compliance to W-2 forms.

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Elevate HR Capabilities

Create a dealership with happier employees and a healthier bottom line.

Manage Smarter

Streamline reporting and payroll tools to make it easier to take care of your employees and keep business operations in the know.

Stay Informed

Keep your staff in the loop by providing them with easy 24/7 access to employee pay information, as well as important staff information.

Boost Productivity

File faster, export reports instantly and calculate taxes in a flash — plus, you can run your payroll from anywhere at any time.

Be More Efficient and Effective

Tackle the unique personnel needs of auto retailers with Payroll Plus — designed to satisfy the requirements of today’s dealership HR department.

Make Managing Easier

Enjoy a comprehensive solutions suite that reports new hires, monitors PTO and accruals and streamlines wage garnishment, plus other features that make life easier for today’s dealers.

Command Payroll Flexibility

Run your payroll from anywhere at any time, with all local, state and federal taxes accounted for automatically.

Create Custom Reports

Access reports online, use them to inform your business operations, and then effortlessly export them to QuickBooks®, Excel or PDF formats to be studied and shared.

Allow Instant Access

Provide employees access to their payroll anytime and from anywhere. This easy-to-use platform provides timesaving convenience for both employees and payroll.

Elevate HR Capabilities

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