CDK Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Weak security authentication and easy-to-guess passwords give hackers easy access to your network. CDK Multifactor Authentication makes it much harder for them to get in.

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Fast and Effective

MFA verifies the user’s identity in seconds, so they can log in and get to work.

Easy to Implement

You don’t have to worry about matching everything up, because MFA integrates with your existing active directory.

Extends Your Reach

If you want to extend the reach of your network protection, you have the option of using a CDK-provided active directory.

CDK Multifactor Authentication Features

Two things can cost your dealership greatly: a breach in your network and looming FTC fines for noncompliance. MFA helps protect against both.

Flexible Authentication Methods

Do you want your user credentials to be a PIN? A personal anecdote? A mobile device or USB? A fingerprint scan? MFA user credentials draw from at least two of three categories, so you decide.

Flexible Management Options

How involved do you want to be? Choose a full-service solution with MFA licensing, implementation and ongoing management, or a customer-managed one with MFA licensing and help with implementation.

Helps Meet Compliance Goals

The FTC has outlined safeguards that you will need to meet to avoid fines for noncompliance. Deploying a robust MFA is a vital part of your cybersecurity posture.

Keep Hackers Out

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