CDK Voice Connect

Unify your dealership communications and gain a competitive edge. From phone calls to instant messaging, CDK Voice Connect equips your team with the communication tools to succeed.

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Better Connection

Start Transactions Right

Get the information you need before you even pick up the phone with Voice Connect. Our quick customer read-outs, Call Pops, help set you up for success prior to the call so you make the most of the call.

Engage Customers

With Voice Connect, you’ll understand your customers’ needs and have key information in front of you so you’re ready to turn a conversation into a closed deal and engage your customers in a new way.

Optimize Operations

Foster greater collaboration across different departments with the intuitive suite of tools in Voice Connect to optimize your operations and create a stronger dealership.

Connect Where It Matters

Voice Connect maximizes calls for a more productive and superior customer interaction.

Integrated Communications

Connect your team and your customers through a powerful suite of tools including integrated communications with Call Pops, Presence, IM, voice, video and desktop sharing.

Receptionist Console

Turn your first point of contact into a business driver. Voice Connect’s intuitive receptionist console makes it easy to relay calls to the right departments with the right information.

Detailed Customer View

Get a top-down view of your customers’ purchase, service and transaction history. With Voice Connect, business-critical customer information is always available in an instant.

Collaborative Tools & IM

Create synergy across all departments with Voice Connect, a robust messaging and collaboration toolkit. See who’s available (Presence) and chat for quick communication (IM) to connect with your team.

Salesperson talking on phone

Do More With Voice Connect

Most people will still call your dealership to inquire about a vehicle, schedule a Service appointment, or set up a test drive. Our integrated communications solutions help your dealership connect and communicate the way the customer wants.

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