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How Flow Lexus Improved Their Customer Experience With Monogram

Flow Lexus of Greensboro

For more than 25 years, Flow Lexus of Greensboro, has prided itself on providing an elite level of customers service for their clients. Service Manager Chris Hess told us, “The automotive dealership industry has been lagging in the customer experience model. Watch our customers in the waiting room: they’re not reading magazines, they’re on their phones and want to know what’s going on. With Lexus Monogram Service they get updates … they see a video of what’s wrong with their vehicle, they know what it’s going to cost, they see where it’s at in the process and how long it should take. In the Service arena, it’s really competitive and if we don’t provide them with what they want, someone else might.”

Monogram is a true end-to-end Service technology solution that connects dealerships with customers at every touchpoint. With a focus on building trust through transparency, Monogram Service is designed to boost revenue for your Service and Parts departments and create an exceptional experience for your customers.

If we don't provide them with what they want, someone else might.

Chris Hess
Service Manager
Flow Lexus of Greensboro

Monogram Creates Greater Dealer Connections

“Surprisingly, most people have never seen the underside of their car,” quipped Hess, “With Monogram, customers get to see an HD video of what needs repairing on their vehicle, so they can quickly make the decision. The always accurate ServicePricing helps to boost customer confidence, too. We want our customers to feel like they are receiving the best service possible, and Monogram helps us to provide it. Since using Monogram, we’ve also seen an increase of 4/10 of an hour in Service hours per vehicle.”

When Chris was asked if there was any resistance in the adoption of Monogram he replied, “It starts with the top-down belief that we need to make this happen. I came from the Technician side, and I understand that having Technicians record videos of needed repairs would be thought of as ‘this is just one more thing I have to do,’ but the upside is, it is so good for the customer and it raises how our dealership is perceived. It made a lot of sense. Plus, the incentives we have tied to this for the Service Technicians is appreciated as well.”

Chris Hess summarized his Monogram Lexus experience by stating, “We want customers to feel that they are receiving the best service possible, and Monogram’s features help us to raise our customer experience. It’s making a positive impact, and you can’t deny its value.”

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