MenuVantage PlatinumTM Powered by Darwin Automotive

An impressive 86 percent of consumers say that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.* And by “personalization,” we don’t mean salutations that include shoppers’ names. We mean personalizing the entire shopping experience, including suggesting add-ons that are relevant only to your customers’ wants and needs.

So how do you know what those are?

We identify them for you by using predictive analytics.


Increase sales with prescriptive selling.

With CDK MenuVantage Platinum™, more than 80 algorithms work behind the scenes to create the ideal presentation every time, based on a combination of consumer needs and likelihood of purchase. The result? You can create a highly relevant and personalized presentation in just seconds. And because the add-ons more likely pique your customers’ interests, you’re also more likely to make the sales – right from a tablet.


Why you’ll love it:

  • Unlimited versatility, whether you sell from one, two or four columns or via a tablet, paper or text
  • An intuitive interface that creates tailored presentations with a click of a button
  • Texting for four employees (to send customers the survey and menu)
  • The perfect process for needs discovery
  • Custom sales tools to reduce objections

Get even more from CDK MenuVantage Platinum with additional services.

Optional Package Includes:

  • Recall Screening, which checks VINs for recalls
  • Accessory Sales, which presents the top three accessories for a particular make and model

Mobile Menu, Powered by Darwin:

  • Sell F&I menu items to service customers after a vehicle purchase