March 26, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas March 26, 2024 – Due to friction created between the various technologies used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and franchise dealers, consumers have long experienced frustration when navigating their buying and servicing journeys from an OEM website to their local dealership. And while new entrants like Tesla and other technology companies have also sought avenues to simplify the process by selling directly to consumers, recent studies show that shoppers still desire guidance from dealership experts when making decisions on purchases or repairs. 

Thanks to a new initiative from CDK, the industry’s leading retail software provider, a remedy for these pain points is now available. Introduced at the J.D. Power Auto Forum during the 2024 New York International Auto Show, the new Automotive Commerce Collab from CDK uses open and universal technology and application programming interfaces (APIs) to better connect OEM and dealer software. The initiative unifies and translates consumer information, payment calculations, real-time vehicle inventory status and sales documentation from an OEM website through to a dealership’s workflow—regardless of the software dealers use to operate their businesses. Creating a cohesive consumer journey remains top of mind for dealers, as 84% recognize the increased need to focus on the customer experience, according to a recent study by CDK. 

“The journey from an OEM website to a dealer’s showroom has always been clunky—with competing systems creating duplicate records of a consumer that forced data reentry, confusion over vehicle inventory status, and mismatched payment calculations. This broken experience ultimately impacts the reputation of both OEMs and dealerships, eroding trust and transparency,” said Brian MacDonald, president and chief executive officer, CDK. “Unlike new entrants to the industry who are still learning how to connect OEMs, dealers and consumers, CDK is well established at the heart of the automotive ecosystem and has decades of experience helping all parties achieve higher levels of satisfaction through hundreds of thousands of integrations. We continue to focus on disrupting our industry from the inside by using our expertise and creating deeper integrations that create a less painful and more collaborative future. The Automotive Commerce Collab is a game changer for everyone.” 

A better retail experience also empowers OEMs to have more control of their brand as consumers move fluidly among the OEM website, dealer website and in-store experience, according to their individual journeys.  

“As the world’s third largest automaker, Hyundai is relentlessly focused on building deeper connections and creating cohesive experiences with the people who buy and own our vehicles,” said Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer, Hyundai Motor America. “Through our partnership with CDK and by leveraging their open and universal technology – as well as their deep knowledge of how dealers operate – we can provide Hyundai buyers and owners the experience they demand and deserve.” 

 As an open and universal initiative, the Automotive Commerce Collab is compatible with any combination of OEM and dealer software platforms but delivers additional and deeper levels of  brand integration when paired at the dealer level with the CDK Dealership Xperience. 

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