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Untangling Automotive Data and Making It Work for Everyone

Untangling Automotive Data and Making It Work for Everyone

Providing Automotive Leaders with Data Insights That Drive Profitability

Today’s world is undoubtedly data driven. Everything from light bulbs to televisions to online ordering and contactless delivery invite us to interact with technology. With each transaction, limitless data points fire through cyberspace.

The automotive industry is no different. Almost every new vehicle today has 50 or more sensors collecting data on speed, emissions, fuel consumption and usage data. Our smart cars are becoming the new cousin of the smartphone.

But there’s more data beyond vehicle sensors. Every transaction that happens between an auto dealer, consumer and the industry ecosystem is an essential data source. With the shift to online vehicle shopping and the rise of third-party repair shops, there’s a deep desire to build a better consumer experience.

But many auto dealers and manufacturers have struggled to untangle the data and uncover insights capable of solving business problems and informing better decisions.

Unlocking Data’s Potential

To make data useful for our customers, we’re introducing CDK Neuron, our next-generation intelligence engine for the automotive industry. Neuron blends rich market data with leading analytics and artificial intelligence to uncover insights that help dealers and manufacturers sell more vehicles and provide better customer experiences.

In other words, Neuron takes a sea of data, cross-references it, sorts it and organizes it in a way that it becomes an indispensable asset.

For this to happen, we need an open ecosystem where the exchange of data is fast, reliable and safe. Neuron is built on highly secure, modern architectures. It doesn’t directly share specific data, so from a privacy perspective, the data is protected.

Instead, Neuron looks for trends, behaviors and patterns in the data, and turns it into easy-to-understand predictions that empower dealers, manufacturers and software developers to make automotive retail experiences easy and convenient.

Solutions Powered by Insights

Consider, for instance, when a car buyer wants a simple digital retail experience. Neuron’s Live Vehicle Inventory solution helps dealers, manufacturers and third-party sales portals better align their supply with demand, while providing shoppers with a consistent view of vehicle listings and pricing across all websites.

Neuron's Predictive Service capabilities can also make a difference when a service customer wants convenience, expertise and trust from their dealership. The combination of analytics with artificial intelligence can identify which parts of their vehicle are likely to fail and include them in the multipoint inspection to keep them safe, while building trust and saving them a trip to the dealer.

And with Neuron’s Service Performance dashboard and workflow tools, auto manufacturers and dealers are working off the same set of accurate information, ensuring they can work together productively on improving service operations and performance.

As our cars become smarter and more connected, the data can be used to enhance our experiences. We learned from a recent CDK Global research study that over 89% of car shoppers feel that their service experience will improve if connected vehicle features are provided by their dealers.

This is all enabled today through Neuron and Fortellis, our Automotive Commerce Exchange platform.

Turning the Trend

CDK’s invention of Neuron disrupts the trend of losing business due to fragmented customer experiences, third-party service retailers and inefficient data silos that slow down sales and employee productivity.

By providing actionable insights, our customers can make more informed business decisions and create easier experiences for their employees and customers.

There’s more to come. CDK is constantly looking ahead and thinking about the things our customers need today and tomorrow. Because of our expertise and longevity in the automotive retail space, we’re able to address the unique challenges of our customers and help build the future of the automotive industry together.

For more information on all our Neuron solutions, visit neuron.ai.

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