Train for dealership success.

CDK University has the educational tools you need for your entire dealership—whether you’re learning new features, onboarding staff, or turning seasoned users into pros.

Maximize Your DMS Investment

Your CDK DMS is a powerful tool. It comes with a wide range of features, designed to help your dealership run more efficiently, productively, and profitably.

Training from the experts at CDK lets you and your staff take full advantage of what your system has to offer. And that helps you – and your business – get the most from your investment.

Comprehensive Learning Options

When you choose a CDK DMS, our comprehensive 6-step Training & Implementation process comes standard, to make the switch as seamless as possible. Plus, you get free access to self-paced learning from CDK U whenever you want it.

You can build on that training with a range of flexible and effective learning opportunities that fit your schedule:

  •  Self-paced courses
  • Online instructional videos

  • Live demos

  • Interactive exercises

  • One-on-one tutorials

CDK Training Features

Your goal is to run a successful dealership. Ours is to empower your staff with the tools to do it. Our training is designed to do just that, and more.

Always On
Always On

With CDK U, self-paced learning is available online every day of the year, 24/7. Keep your mind on the course with easy navigation and a dashboard that shows your progress.

Expert Knowledge
Expert Knowledge

Gain valuable insights and information from industry experts through engaging demos, interactive courses, and real-world scenarios.

Job-Specific Learning
Job-Specific Learning

Courses cover a wide range of dealership needs, including accounting, finance, sales, marketing, inventory optimization, and more.

Custom Training
Custom Training

Looking to get even more out of your training? Talk to us about classes customized specifically for your dealership.

Why Training from CDK?

Increase Productivity

Equip your staff with the tools they need to master new DMS capabilities, and they can maximize their performance and unlock new efficiencies you may never have realized were possible.

Optimize on Investments

The software you use is an investment in your dealership. Ensure staff gets the hands-on training and real-world knowledge they need to make the most of that investment.

Customized Approach
One size does not fit all. That’s why CDK has built unique learning solutions to cater to staff with different skills, responsibilities, and levels of expertise.

Customer connected. Dealer driven.

There are advantages when it comes to being a part of the CDK (UX) team. One of the many advantages is getting the opportunity to speak at UX conferences on behalf of CDK.
Steven Meyer
Manager of User Experience

This is CDK Global

Some are afraid of change. Not us. Change is exciting. We want to be a part of it and help shape the future at a global and local level.  

From creating an open platform to build better connections between manufacturers, dealers and customers to providing solutions for every touchpoint of a customer’s purchase and ownership experience. We’re committed to doing this together and exploring all of the endless possibilities that exist across all automotive and related industries.