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How Traditions Chevrolet Saw a 200% Jump in Productivity and Revenues

Traditions Chevrolet

CDK Global Turns Data Into Profitable Growth — All on a Single Platform

Mike Abdul first worked with CDK Global in 1989 as an accountant at Charlie Thomas Autoworld. When he moved to Bayway Auto as CFO, he had them switch to CDK as soon as their prior contract was up. By the time he left Bayway after 24 years, Mike, the owner, and CDK had grown the company from a single rooftop to 10 dealerships.

Next, Abdul bought Traditions Chevrolet in East Bernard Texas and took over as President. There were only five employees. Sales were slow, business was declining, and the DMS of record was not a CDK system. When the contract was up, Abdul again pushed for CDK because he was confident in the platform’s dependability, detailed accounting accuracy and ability to eliminate inefficiencies. Today, Traditions Chevrolet has over 23 employees, and sales have gone from a low of 15 units per month to nearly 50. Abdul encourages dealerships to switch to CDK because, “If you want to know where you’re at financially, it’s a good software to have.”

Since bringing CDK on board in 2021, our productivity and revenues are up 200%. I attribute that to its efficiency in keeping track of everything.

Mike Abdul
Owner and President
Traditions Chevrolet

Ease, Accuracy and Accessibility Drive Productivity

According to Abdul, CDK makes it much simpler for him and the CFO to stay on top of the dealership’s business in real time — even when Abdul is out of the office. The combination of single sign-in, daily reporting and remote login makes it easy for him to flip through daily reports and get a good account of what’s going on operation-wise.

No matter where he is, Abdul can get a contract, check inventory by age with the click of an arrow and keep track of cash accounts and assets. He also feels that the two-step authentication makes CDK safer and more compliant. When it comes to security, CDK Global is the only company in the automotive industry to hold Tier IV data centers.

Powerful Relationships Power Success

Abdul credits the reporting and overall functionality of CDK with increasing the dealership’s efficiency, and he looks forward to growing the relationship. He appreciates the fact that CDK is easy to work with and committed to innovating and growing. “I have confidence in them, and I know that they will continue to evolve to ensure that Traditions and CDK remain successful.”

The CDK platform’s operational efficiencies give Abdul and his team more time to focus on their customers, while CDK Fleet Service and CRM help them enhance transparency, streamline service and drive loyalty. Their 4.6 star Google Rating is a testament to Traditions’ unyielding commitment to customer service. Abdul relies on CDK to provide the expertise and tools needed so that the dealership and its customers can continue to thrive.

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