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Customer Letters
2 April 2020
We have seen how the current environment has forced industries around the globe to change the way they work, and we know the automotive industry, and those adjacent to it, are no different. While we are here to help you maintain the balance in your business today, we also want to extend our hand to assist you in uncovering potential opportunities that will enable you to emerge stronger than before as we move forward together. Read this article
Customer Letters
24 March 2020
I don’t think any of us could have planned for the business environment we’re currently experiencing. At every level of CDK, we have spent time talking with you, discussing options, and understanding these unprecedented times. I want to make sure you know that we’re all in this together. It looks like it may be difficult for a while. Your business and ours have to maintain balance and secure the future while managing through today’s uncertainty. We know your teams have been working hard to keep moving forward. For the CDK team, our North Star is truly the sustained health and success of our dealer network. As such, today we are announcing some significant changes to our billing for the month of April that will help us all get through the COVID-19 crisis. Read this article