CDK MenuVantage – Digital Menu Software

All the Selling Tools and Menu Options You Need to Drive F&I Sales

CDK MenuVantage gives you custom Sales tools, proven to help you effectively overcome objections and increase gross profit.

Regardless of where you are or the device you are using, you can present menu options for your customers. Now tablet-friendly, CDK MenuVantage lets you:

  • Present from anywhere, anytime (Sales Tools, Video)
  • Run OFAC and Red Flag
  • Generate eContracts and Declination forms
  • Obtain customer signatures for menus, A/D forms and contracts

Customers often want to create their own customized menu options. So, CDK MenuVantage now gives you the ability to provide a consumer-driven menu, which combines traditional + consumer-driven menu, enabling a better faster experience for your customers.

CDK MenuVantage auto-matches extended warranties to selected vehicles and shows a pre-set list of add-on products that you can consistently present to every customer during the F&I process. It helps you eliminate or reduce human error, forgetfulness and possible liability, while selling more warranties, insurance and dealer-installed options. Your F&I office can grow profits and reduce errors.

Sell even more F&I add-on products with Product Sale for CDK MenuVantage

Product Sale is a FREE enhancement to CDK MenuVantage that utilizes drag-and-drop navigation, electronic ratings, service payment plan (SPP), and online contracting to help users sell F&I-related services in under a minute.

Typically F&I Managers and Service Managers have dozens of opportunities to sell add-on products and services outside the car deal, but they hesitate or ignore the opportunity, because the process is too cumbersome and fraught with risk of error. With Product Sale, you simply add in the VIN, current miles, Vehicle In Service Date and consumer name, drag and drop the product(s) you want to sell, and choose the coverage. After that, you are ready to quote—all in less than 60 seconds.

Product Sale helps your dealership:

  • Increase penetration of F&I products
  • Increase F&I department profit
  • Capitalize on opportunities that occur outside the F&I office
  • Reduce the risk associated with what is normally a manual process

F&I Tech Diamond MenuVantage

Features to help you maximize your F&I menu selling

CDK MenuVantage helps increase F&I margins with our standardized menu presentation process. CDK MenuVantage can help your dealership by automatically pricing products, based on VIN, through the Electronic Rating System. The end result? You save time in the delivery process and reduce time spent correcting errors.

CDK MenuVantage can help you overcome pricing objections or monthly payment limitations by:

  • Separating big ticket menu items from the vehicle with Service Pricing Plan (SPP)
  • Giving customers the option to accelerate their loan payoff with an automated, biweekly payment service that protects your reputation with an ‘error-free’ PaymentPlus Guarantee from US Equity Advantage (USEA)
  • Helping customers understand the benefits of Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP Insurance, Maintenance Benefits and other menu items
  • Showing customers why they should pay for tomorrow’s repairs at today’s prices

Best of all, CDK MenuVantage integrates with the CDK F&I system, so the numbers presented in the menu match the numbers on the final contracts. Plus, it is easy to fine tune pricing and demonstrate how the customer can add a warranty package or other F&I products without increasing the price, just by making a half payment every two weeks. CDK MenuVantage gives you 16 payment presentations so customers can choose the options that are right for them.