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(Front and Back End Combined) - Aggregated Front and Back Gross Profit generated on new and used vehicle retail sales.
The national average for sales per person is 10.2 vehicle sales per month.
Calculated by adding the total of the Service, Parts, Body Shop (if applicable), and Sales, minus the cost of those Labor and Parts Sales, divided by the Total Dealership Fixed Expenses (including the Dealers salary). The mean average in North America is 62.1%. The high-end ratios are 85%-118%.
The number of vehicles inspected compared to total number of ROs opened.
Customer Pay Labor Sales Hours Sold divided by total Warranty, Customer Pay and Internal Labor Sales Hours Sold.
Calculated by averaging total parts sales dollars on customer pay RO by total number of customer pay ROs. The average Parts per Labor Dollars is $0.64 for Domestic and $1.28 for Imports.
Technician hours billed vs hours available.