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We want to keep our brand and our vehicles top of mind with our customers, and Social Suite allows us to do that with minimal effort on our end. Social Suite is self-sufficient so you can go about your job without missing the window of purchase with online customers. 

Gracie Chauncey Rex Perry Autoplex Social Suite

CDK takes the heavy lifting for Facebook marketing off of the dealer. Before Social Suite, it was difficult to place personalized inventory ads on Facebook to a pre-defined target audience. Now this process is automated and the ROI able to be tracked. Social Suite makes it possible for Facebook marketing to be an extension of a dealers current marketing ecosystem.

Jordan Barrett Digital Marketing Director Liberty Automotive Social Suite

Judi Binns from CDK Consulting has worked with the Bannister Automotive Group at many of our dealerships, she specializes in Service and Parts operations.  Over the years we have spent many weeks working together at most of our stores, educating and coaching Service, and Parts Managers along with their support staff.  As with most software programs we only use about 15% of the systems capability.  Judi helps us expand our knowledge of the system, in many aspects.  She helps us refine the systems to help our departments run more efficiently, and more effectively.  Judi has taught us how to run reports, and helps us in understanding the reports available to our Management teams, when and how to use them.  This process also includes Service Advisors and Technicians, to help them view and understand the components of what they are measured by.

Jim Klettke Fixed Operations Manager Bannister Automotive Group Accelerator

I wasn't sure what all was going to be discussed in the training sessions.  Although it was a lot of information, you did it a way that we could absorb, and made it very accessible.  Use of the tool did not seem “mysterious” and challenging to use, but simply a matter of learning how to access certain things.  That seems like the essence of "value added" to me.  

You have a wonderful way of presenting yourself, CDK Global and teaching in either a class setting or to an individual.  And you used great concrete examples of how I might be able to use these applications in my own life.  Thank you!

I look forward to utilizing all of my knowledge into my daily work load, sharing with my colleagues how to be more efficient, productive and our work will appear in a more professional way.

Hanna Doan Kenworth of South Florida Accelerator

BD Boot Camp is training for a more productive BDC department by being a better leader/manager. This was the 1st time I have ever traveled for training, and I am so thankful for this opportunity! Questions and concerns I have had since I was hired were answered in the last two days!

Kendra Detty BDM & Assistant Internet Sales Manager Groove Toyota BD Boot Camp

Jon is an awesome teacher, you forget you are in class, makes learning fun & really covers all information given and why it is important. Would definitely come again if given the opportunity. Definitely would recommend.

Nikki Bagozzi BDC Administrator Milosch Palace Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram BD Boot Camp

"Cloud Connect looks for the fastest connection and automatically routes the traffic the quickest way to get to its end target - the servers".

Mike Egger Parts Manager Damerow Ford Cloud Connect

BD Boot Camp is a must have for any dealership that would like their BDC to work efficiently and make the most amount of money. Jon makes this experience enjoyable and fun which helps when you're learning this much information in such a short period of time.

Betty Brown BDM - Service Milosch's Palace Milosch Palace Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram BD Boot Camp

Since Sean has been working with Alexandria Toyota over the past few years, he has been a true asset in meeting our dealership needs. As the Service Manager, I have worked with him directly in updating and improving our database to provide our staff with the best tools to assist our customers. With the recent changes to our system, I have noticed a significant increase in our Effective Labor Rate and Customer Labor Sales. I hope that my feedback reflects Sean as a valued employee to your company and look forward to working with him in the future.

Joe Parsons Service Director Alexandra Toyota Accelerator

I wanted to personally thank you and convey my gratitude for your assistance in working with our Leadership Team to maximize our usage of the CDK applications. Your hands-on approach and retail knowledge of the dealership Fixed Operations has been a tremendous tool to us improving our operational efficiency. Looking forward to your next visit!

Bob Rombs Vice President Tysinger Motor Company, Inc. Accelerator

I have worked with Ford SMART for over two years now. We have had our struggles as we moved through the installation and growing process. I have worked with a number of consultants and Don as been, by far, the most helpful. Don was able to clean up some of our deficiencies, steam line some of our processes and show me things within SMART and CDK I did not know. I would like to extend my gratitude for his time. Myself and my entire staff are pleased.

Norm Kersine Service Manager Berstrom Ford Lincoln of the Fox Valley Accelerator

“Since becoming a member, the bottom line of my store has increased over 400%, and although I would say that there are a number of reasons for this, many of them are ideas and concepts that I received through Performance meetings, which I wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. I greatly appreciate your personal support and that of the group as a whole for helping me to become a much better dealer and business person.”

John F. Smith, Dealer Principal, Atlantic Mazda Dieppe, New Brunswick Performance 20 Groups

“20 Groups are not for everyone. If you're a dealer that has “it” all figured out, then you don’t need a 20 Group. Conversely, if you are looking to improve your operation, there is no better place to get ideas, techniques and feedback on your business than in a 20 Group. I am fortunate to be a part of an awesome Performance 20 Group that is the best source of new ideas, techniques and procedures for McClain’s RV. Performance 20 Groups handle everything. All I do is show up, listen, participate, take notes and have fun. I wouldn’t trade my ‘spot’ in our 20 Group for my Pistol Pete bobblehead.”

Nate McClain, President, McClain’s RV SuperStores, Denton, Texas Performance 20 Groups

The Professional Services Group has helped us successfully shorten the amount of time our salespeople take to process paperwork related to selling a vehicle. I personally feel as though I have become an expert using CDK CRM due to their efforts. They helped me learn and make changes to our processes that have helped increase our productivity

Ryan Hoffman, V.P./Marketing Director, Hoffman Ford Sales, Harrisburg, PA Accelerator

“CDK Consulting has been helpful in cleaning up our schedules, and giving us a better understanding of our payroll and general accounting processes. CDK Consulting has been instrumental in building our understanding and confidence in using the various reports and the information that is available in CDK. In working with our consultant, I am most appreciative of her vast knowledge of CDK and especially her patience in explaining things. She did a fantastic job. I feel that we are much more efficient in our processes since working with CDK Consulting.”

Linda Horomanski, Accounting/Payroll, Blue Knob Auto Sales Inc., Duncansville, PA Accelerator

Our CDK Consultant was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. He helped us become more efficient using CDK on the Service drive, and to improve the flow of work through the shop and electronic dispatch. I would definitely recommend working with CDK Consulting.

John A. McLaughlin, General Manager, Flagstaff Nissan Subaru, Flagstaff, AZ Accelerator

Through the training provided by CDK Consulting we have set up new skills and divided up all the advisors and technicians into teams. Since working with CDK Consulting we have a stronger team and a better environment for everyone to work in. Our service representative was great; I look forward to the next time he comes to visit us. CDK Consulting will work with you to build rapport and a better understanding of day to day operations.”

Doug Blanton, Service Director, Jaguar Land Rover Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA Accelerator

“There's a lot of things in our DMS that would take a while to figure out on our own. CDK Consulting provided a way to get to 'the real deal of the inner workings of the system.' It was a pleasure working with our Consultant.”

Jeff Bazurto, Director of Fixed Operations, Land Rover Portland, Portland, OR Accelerator

“There's a lot of things in our DMS that would take a while to figure out on our own. CDK Consulting provided a way to get to 'the real deal of the inner workings of the system.' It was a pleasure working with our Consultant.”

Jeff Bazurto, Director of Fixed Operations, Land Rover Portland, Portland, OR Accelerator

“CDK Consulting helped our entire dealership staff improve their understanding of the inventory audit process in the sales department by showing us shortcuts and more efficient ways to use our CDK solutions. I would recommend their services to other dealerships.”

Jean Lipscomb, Office Manager, Carter Motors, Inc., Seattle, WA Accelerator

“CDK Consulting just helps you do your job better, no matter what position you hold within your dealership.”

Brian Millhuff, Parts and Service Director, Brien Ford, Everett, WA. Accelerator

“Our Dealer group was not utilizing CDK to its full potential. Many of our frontline service staff had limited knowledge of the systems potentials. CDK Consulting worked with us to correct this deficiency.”

Kim Clark, V.P. Operations, Cam Clark Ford Dealer Group, Vancouver, B.C. Accelerator

“We have a customer relations structure and action plan in place but felt that the CDK CRM could help immensely. It was great to know that we could count on CDK Consulting to support us. Our consultant was very thorough going through the process and was always willing to answer our questions and concerns

Luis Rodriguez, Director of Marketing, North Star GM, Cranbrook, BC Accelerator

“Growth over the last few years has taken us from a small dealership to a big dealership and what we used to do didn’t work anymore. We needed help to analyze how our system could work better for us. Through the training provided by CDK Consulting, we implemented Service Pricing, we solved cashier problems and we improved work flow in Parts and Service. Using CDK Consulting has benefited us in general because we now realize that our system is capable of more than we realized or utilized and that for most of our problems there is a solution already designed into the system but it took someone who knows CDK very well to be immersed in the culture of our dealership to help identify how we can improve. Our consultant was fun to work with and we have been very happy with the results. Best money I've spent. Don't be frustrated with this industry, as it is constantly changing and CDK Consulting will have solutions for your dealership.”

Doug Smeed, Fixed Ops Manager,Lone Star Mercedes-Benz Calgary, AB Accelerator

“We were interested in using the Professional Services Group to focus on improving accounting functions, specifically the flow of transactions and interpretation of the results. We are now using the information/Fast Lane more effectively. We are maintaining our general ledger more accurately and with less reconciliation issues. We have also been able to use our new knowledge of the system to assist in other areas of the company. In addition, we have been able to enhance the internal control framework to identify vulnerabilities in the system and take appropriate steps to mitigate the risks that arise from these vulnerabilities. Our Professional Services Consultant was a fantastic consultant who really knows the product and how to work with his clients. He is thorough in his explanations and he follows up with us regularly.”

Chris Duenas, Corporate Controller, Triple J Auto Group Tamuning Accelerator

"CDK Consulting helped us roll out CDK CRM across our sales staff of 500, getting them all up to speed on how it works in relationship to how we do business. Because of their efforts we have gained momentum using CRM to make our day-to-day follow up easier and to sell more cars. I would highly recommend CDK Consulting. Their expertise has really helped make a difference."

Casey Pilip, Director of Customer Management, Go Auto, Edmonton, AB Accelerator

“We had associate turnover and needed to make sure our accounting associates were utilizing the CDK system properly. We needed to increase associate productivity and encourage expense savings. Investing in our associates skills in using CDK has improved associate’s morale and productivity. “

Jeffery J. Suarez, Controller, Gator Ford, Seffner, FL Accelerator

“We engaged CDK Consulting to help increase our knowledge of CDK’s system functionality. With their help we have modified many different processes to help increase efficiency -- like improving our fill rate, understanding how the system looks at inventory management, and advancing my expertise as a manager. The CDK system can do a lot and CDK Consulting can help expand your level of proficiency so you can take advantage of it all.”

Stuart Gertzlin, Parts Manager, Prestige Imports Audi / Lamborghini, N. Miami Beach, FL Accelerator

“CDK Consulting helped us improve our knowledge of the Payroll process, including time clock and various functions in the Service Department. We now have a better understanding of how the system works. Our consultant was passionate about her work, very professional, and well-versed in all areas of the dealership. We now have a higher level of comfort using our CDK solutions. I would recommend their services to other dealerships.”

Carol Bowleg, Human Resource Manager, Executive Motors, Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas Accelerator

“CDK Consulting helped us implement Dispatch and improve our utilization of Service Pricing. We are now experiencing the benefits of both.”

Brian Isacson, Service Director, Balise Nissan of Warwick, Warwick, RI Accelerator