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Being part of Ric Gregson's Performance Group has been a great experience for me, and for my store. Ric is a straight forward, no-nonsense kind of guy.  He will ask you to be accountable. He expects it and he will hold you to it. He treats everyone with support and respect.  Ric has gone above and beyond in his support and in sharing his knowledge and experience with my people.  I know that Ric takes a very personal interest in our success.  I look forward to attending every Performance meeting.

Vince Jones, Dealer Principal - Burlington Hyundai Performance 20 Groups
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In a competitive and evolving automotive retail market, I have appreciated the content and training from Performance Solutions. Our Performance Group sessions and moderator Ric Gregson contribute valuable current market data and challenge the group with objectives and accountability for both growth and improvement.  

Michael Tavares, General Manager, Guelph Toyota Performance 20 Groups
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Being in a Performance Group is instrumental in keeping my finger on the pulse of my six stores. We leverage the experience of our moderator, Ric Gregson, to uncover areas of opportunity in my stores and take advantage of the accountability that Ric brings to the table. The Performance meetings are instrumental in helping change our process and how our stores keep up with the changing landscape of the marketplace. Our Performance Group is the key element to our future growth and I wouldn’t want to be without it. 

Curtis Merrifield, President, Mainline Automotive Group Ltd. Performance 20 Groups
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Being part of a Performance Group has been one of the largest factors in our groups outstanding growth over the last few years.  The expertise of a well-qualified and experienced moderator combined with forward thinking, innovative dealer peers is a combination that has helped me see our business differently. It's also helped me to build a culture around driving the business forward with team member-selected performance objectives. Having an experienced moderator is absolutely vital in making the absolute most of these groups, and Ric in particular has been outstanding in this regard.  Our business would not be where it is today if not for our involvement with Performance Groups in all of our stores.

Brian Lowe, Dealer Principal, Focus Hyundai Performance 20 Groups
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The FIRST thing we do when we acquire a new brand or manufacturer, is join a [Performance 20] group in order learn the KPI’s for high performing stores in that brand. All of our dealerships are members of their brand’s Performance Groups, and have been for over 10 years. The information and ideas that are freely exchanged in our groups are the benchmark that we set our targets and measure our achievements by. Our fellow members and group moderators push us to better results, and we truly feel encouraged and supported as much as pushed. Whether a borrowed idea came directly from another member, or if one of their idea’s spurred us to think about our business differently, our open forums have proven to be the driving force behind growing our stores.

The relationships and connections are truly invaluable, knowing that I can pick-up the phone or email a dealership similar to mine across the country, and ask how they’re dealing with an issue that I’m currently having is a resource that cannot be replaced.

Dean Peterson, General Manager, Focus Hyundai Performance 20 Groups
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“Since becoming a member, the bottom line of my store has increased over 400%, and although I would say that there are a number of reasons for this, many of them are ideas and concepts that I received through Performance meetings, which I wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. I greatly appreciate your personal support and that of the group as a whole for helping me to become a much better dealer and business person.”

John F. Smith, Dealer Principal, Atlantic Mazda Dieppe, New Brunswick Performance 20 Groups
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“20 Groups are not for everyone. If you're a dealer that has “it” all figured out, then you don’t need a 20 Group. Conversely, if you are looking to improve your operation, there is no better place to get ideas, techniques and feedback on your business than in a 20 Group. I am fortunate to be a part of an awesome Performance 20 Group that is the best source of new ideas, techniques and procedures for McClain’s RV. Performance 20 Groups handle everything. All I do is show up, listen, participate, take notes and have fun. I wouldn’t trade my ‘spot’ in our 20 Group for my Pistol Pete bobblehead.”

Nate McClain, President, McClain’s RV SuperStores, Denton, Texas Performance 20 Groups
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“We have been in a CDK Performance 20 Group for over 25 years. My father credited many of our successes to the Performance 20 Group. As I came into the business, I had a chance to attend meetings in a variety of different roles. I always come away with some useful, real-world ideas to implement at the store. With the ups and downs of the car business, it is hard not to second-guess yourself. Having a group of peers to use as a sounding board and the leadership of CDK gave my father and me the confidence and knowledge needed to execute the right strategies. Sometimes though, the best way to learn is through mistakes — even better when they aren't your own!”

Adam Lally, General Manager, Lally Ford, Tilbury, Ontario Performance 20 Groups