15 July 2019

Target DMS-Informed Audiences with Social Suite Advertising

Facebook was built for dealership data integration and a dealership’s DMS database is the perfect tool to connect with highly-targeted audiences that have already interacted with your brand. That’s why we’ve built CDK Social Suite to automatically deliver CDK DMS audience data into your Facebook account so you can engage these valuable audiences at strategic moments in their automotive journey.

Social Suite’s DMS audience strategy is laser focused on targeting customers who have already done business with your dealership, as well as “lookalike” in-market shoppers based upon characteristics of customers in your DMS who have purchased vehicles from your business in the past 12 months. VIN-level Automotive Inventory Ads will target DMS-informed audiences with ad placements in the Facebook feed, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram feed. The audiences automatically refresh daily so your ads seamlessly deliver to only the most relevant and ready-to-buy audience.

Want to learn more about Social Suite and DMS audiences? Contact socialsuite@cdk.com for more information.