15 July 2019

Specials Made Simple

Everyone is looking for a deal when they buy a car. The newly redesigned CDK Specials Page groups specials by model and introduces new filters to make it easy for shoppers to find the best offer for their vehicle of choice.


Model Grouping: Specials are now grouped by model with a count of how many offers are available. Quickly jump to a specific offer type by clicking on the links to cash, lease, finance, or other offers. The shopper can also click to view all offers for a specific model or view the vehicles on the Vehicle Search page.


New Filters:

The new “Group by Model” view is controlled by a toggle that is on by default. Toggle the filter off to see all specials offered by the dealer.
Offer Type filters allow shoppers to pick one or more offer types to view. For example, shoppers only interested in Lease specials may toggle the Lease type to only see models with available Lease offers.
For dealerships with multiple locations, there will be a new filter to view location specific offers. 

Search by Offer Type!
Use the new filters to add links to the Specials page pre-filtered for Cash, Lease, or Finance Offers.

Design Options: The new layout still allows for customization in the number of columns as well as the option to choose horizontal or vertical filters