Flexible support for your dealership’s digital marketing solutions.

Get industry-leading support for your dealership’s website, digital advertising, and social media efforts. Always use Service Connect to keep your dealership efforts on track and your digital strategy strong.

Digital Support Starts with Service Connect

Digital Support Starts with Service Connect

The most convenient way to get support from CDK is with Service Connect. Accessible directly from a web-based platform, our digital tech support team is at the ready to help dealers get the help they need when they need it. Now there’s no need to pick up a phone, and you can monitor the status of your service from any web-connected platform.

Want to learn more about Service Connect for Digital? Read the Getting Started Guide.

Login to Service Connect for Digital Solutions

Digital customers can easily access Service Connect via the Dealer Command Center — phone-free, hassle-free, and stress-free.


Make the Most of Service Connect

1. Accessing Service Connect through the Dealer Command Center

Service Connect for digital marketing is the most convenient way to get support from CDK. To access Service Connect, simply follow the steps below.


Step 1:  Log in to the Dealer Command Center.

Step 2: In the top right-hand corner, click the Service Connect icon.



Step 3: Click “Need Assistance”



Step 4: Tell us about your issue and submit a case to CDK.


That’s it! Our support team is on it.

2. Searching for Answers

You know the question. Do you wish you could just look up the answer? With Service Connect, now you can. A robust search function lets dealers search for answers quickly. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: From your CDK desktop, click the Service Connect icon.



Step 2: Enter your search topic in the Search Knowledge field and click the magnifying glass.



That’s it! From there, you’re free to search for the answers you need.

3. Our Search Tips

Get answers for your questions more easily with these 13 CDK-approved search tips:

Tip 1: Less is almost always best. One or two word search terms will usually give you the broadest results. Start with short search terms and refine your search by adding more descriptive terms when needed.

Tip 2: Words such as 'a' and 'the' or 'how to' have no effect on your search results.

Tip 3: Featured Articles at the top of your search results are popular with clients and can solve numerous "How To" issues.

Tip 4: Searches are not case sensitive.

Tip 5: Verbs can have a negative effect on search results because they are personal or subjective. You say "create", I say "set up" and someone else says "add".

Tip 6: Search with an exact phrase in quotes. Word combinations can narrow results significantly.

Tip 7: Error Message searches almost always return positive results. Copy and paste a portion of the message, excluding any dates, invoice numbers or identifiers into the search box.

Tip 8: Do not include dealership specific information in your search. Our search engine is designed to only deliver results of documentation containing your search keywords. Therefore, if your search includes a reference number specific to your dealership, it will deliver zero search results.

Tip 9: Printer model numbers can be helpful in your search for printer documentation. Note: Serial numbers should not be included in your search. They are identifiers that will result in zero results.

Tip 10: Function Codes can be very helpful in place of or in addition to a keyword search.

Tip 11: Knowledge Base Articles can be easily found by searching with the article number.

Tip 12: Save a document to your favorites to reference later.

Tip 13: Application and Category filters can be used separately or together. Note: When combining filters, it's best to select the Application filter first and then apply the Category filter to select specific types of documentation.

4. How Else Can I Contact CDK Support for Digital Solutions?

If you are looking for technical support, please contact us through Service Connect, accessible right from the web-based Dealer Command Center.

Our team is available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT.

For emergency support, we are available on Saturdays and most major U.S. holidays between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. PT.

For General Inquiries

Tech Support: (800) 909-8244, option 4

OEM-specific Inquiries

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