Find solutions to help you work smarter and boost your bottom line.

A quality RV DMS solution should be powerful, easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to support, so you can seamlessly manage installation and training—all while growing the revenue of your business.

Do More With an RV DMS
  • Maximize Performance
  • Maximize Performance

    To work more efficiently, you need a complete picture of how your dealership is performing. By centralizing information from your parts, sales, service, and accounting departments – even across multiple locations – you get transparency, visibility, and insight into every aspect of your dealership.

  • Operate Cost-Effectively
  • Operate Cost-Effectively

    A good DMS can help avoid unnecessary costs associated with paperwork, guesswork, and manual entry. That helps you can shift your attention toward growing your business.

  • Leverage Real-Time Data
  • Leverage Real-Time Data

    Better information means better management decisions. A strong DMS will give you the right information, in the right format, faster, so you can handle issues as they come up and chart a course toward profitable growth.

    Why Use an RV DMS?

    Many RV dealers can find it difficult to get a systemic view of how their business is operating across every department. Software solutions can help, especially if they address the unique needs that come with handling recreational motor vehicles and trailers.

    An RV DMS can facilitate growth of your dealership if you’re having issues with:


    • Accessing critical data at the right time

    • Understanding who your most valuable customers are

    • Keeping the customers you already serve

    • Finding additional leads, or following up on leads

    • Managing multiple locations

    • Syncing up all of your departments to work together

    • Modernizing current processes cost-effectively

    • Moving more inventory efficiently

    • Keeping tabs on major units and parts

    • Boosting customer satisfaction

    • Accelerating repair orders and service requests

    Choosing an RV DMS
    A DMS is a serious purchase, and it can be tough to make sense of the many offerings on the market. When searching for the right RV DMS, look beyond the sticker price for these key features.
    Don’t let integration issues hinder the performance of your dealership. CDK is experienced in integrating your DMS with the systems you already use, helping you streamline the transition.
    To stay on top of performance objectives, major and minor adjustments, and customer needs, look for direct mobile reporting instantly sent to your phone.
    Your RV dealership is dependent on timely, secure data. As the only company in the industry to secure your valuable data with Tier IV data centers, we provide protection for your data.
    With our range of convenient resources, including online educational demos, onsite professional training, and readily available self-help tools, you can help your team make the most of your RV DMS.

    Helping dealerships thrive

    At CDK Global, we build the tools dealerships need to grow and succeed. We provide DMS and other integrated technology solutions to over 27,000 Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Marine, Recreational and Heavy Equipment dealers around the world. Since day one, we’ve been in it for the dealer — your success is what motivates us to do what we do.

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