Build a Unit

Building a unit with a customer can be tough. Manufacturer options, unit specs, dealer options, not to mention price and getting the margins right. With CRM, build a unit is easy and fast allowing your customers to savor the experience of ordering their new unit.

Encourage Productivity
Add More Efficiency

Download all the specs and options for a unit and save days of manual entry.

Real-Time Tracking
Verify Margins

Setting up units with the right margins gives you peace of mind when your salespeople quote to order.

Boost Sales Performance
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Build a unit side by side with the customer without having to jump through hoops.

Unit Building Features

Satisfy more customers by building units to order, reduce your floor plan needs and increase cash flow.

My-Day Task Reminders
Major Unit Pricebooks

Download all the specs and options for a unit and save days entering them manually.

Mobile CRM

Run escalators on your pricebooks to verify your costs and margins are accurate for quoting.

Sales Tools

Select options in an easy display view that won’t leave you turning in circles.

Sales Manager

Email or print a buyers order that contains unit images, specs, and the options associates with the built unit.

Interested in Build a Unit?