LightspeedEVO Texting

Lightspeed Texting is the ONLY two-way texting program available for LightspeedEVO.

CDK LightspeedEVO Texting makes it easy to turn text messages into sales drivers. Now you can text pictures and videos, communicate with your customers effortlessly by receiving texts at the dealerships main number and forward calls coming via texting to a preferred phone.

LightspeedEVO Texting
Engage Customers

LightspeedEVO lets you send and receive text messages right from the DMS.

Drive Sales

Acquire leads and maintain communication with tomorrow's customers.

Boost Efficiency

Text from a range of platforms, so your team can stay productive at all times.

LightspeedEVO Texting Features

With an impressive 98 percent open rate, text messages are a powerful way to reach today's consumer. We built a texting platform made exclusively for dealerships with valuable features your team needs.

One Convenient Platform

Provide users in each department with texting capabilities to ensure everyone's on the same page. Manage messages in one place with individual communication tabs for parts, service, sales and rental.

Two-way Texting Capability

Provide a personalized two-way mobile communication with your customers in real time and connect in the most efficient way. Send and receive text messages from one platform.

Text History Database

Monitor and track all text history for your records. Receive live feeds of messages sent and received. Conversations are displayed across all departments for greater transparency.

Text and Email Templates

Communicate with customers effortlessly using preformatted text and email templates. Select the messages you want to display. It's easy to use and saves time.


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