3 May 2019

Payment Calculator Pop-Up and Icon

Dealers now have the opportunity to have the Payment Calculator on the Vehicle Details Page work as a pop-up instead of a card in-line on the page. The benefits of this are twofold:

  • • This will remove a card from the VDP outline and streamline the information for the shopper.
  • • Get data on which shoppers are clicking to calculate a payment.


To configure this, change the configuration for the payment calculator card in line in the VDP outline to show as a modal, then add the link to the VDP as a tertiary link.

  1. 1. From the Editor tab in Website Manager, click the page drop-down.
  2. 2. Select the VehicleDetails page from the list.

  1. 3. Click the Payment Calculator card in the page outline.
    •        If the card is not already in the page outline, add it.
  2. 4. Click the config (gear) Image removed. icon to edit the card configuration.
  3. 5. Check the box to Display Payment Calculator as Popup.

  1. 6. Click Done to save.
  2. 7. Find and click the Vehicle Specifications and Logos card in the outline to open it. This card is usually in a content block under the Vehicle Gallery Details and Links card.

  1. 8. Click the properties Image removed. icon to add a link.
  2. 9. Scroll down to the Tertiary Link section and click Add Link.

  1. 10. Enter {{paymentCalculator}} in the Custom Link field.

  1. 11. Enter the Label and Mouseover text of your choice.
  2. 12. Click Done to save.
  3. 13. Publish the website for your changes to go live.