Harness the power of an

industry-leading partner network. 

CDK data integrations connect dealers, OEMs, and third-party partners, offering unprecedented choice and new ways to find insights, value, and opportunities.

New Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

You may know CDK for our dealer-driven software, but that’s not where our efforts end. Every day, we’re working to create a powerful network that serves dealers and their patrons. The CDK Partner Program includes more than 350 industry partners,  helping to build an even better experience for every customer. It’s a program like nothing else in the industry.

Our partners build innovative solutions, and we provide the data integrations to help bring those solutions to you. For OEMs, that means new data capabilities and insights. For dealers, it means hundreds of exciting new applications to help keep your business running efficiently, productively, and profitably.

Our Partners

CDK works with hundreds of approved, third-party partners, who are passionate about creating better solutions for dealers and OEMs. Partners get exposure to the extensive CDK dealer customer base, help tackling integration challenges, and faster time to market. Dealers get a wider range of solutions than ever before. In other words, it’s a win-win.

CDK Partner Program APIs on Fortellis
Making Partner Program APIs available on the Fortellis platform is a natural evolution, bringing speed, simplicity and efficiency to you and your customers.
Create Connections
CDK Partner Program APIs are based on the legacy managed Bi-Directional PIPs Technology. These provide secure integration into CDK systems today for more than 500 Partners with over 800 applications.
Find Us On Fortellis
CDK Partner Program APIs are now published on Fortellis which will provide any user with access to API specifications and documentation.
Same Support
While Fortellis will provide the platform for CDK Partner Program API transactions, the packaging, pricing, implementation and support for these APIs will not change.
Fortellis API Directory
Specifications for all CDK Partner Program APIs can be found on the Fortellis API Directory.
Do More with the CDK Partner Program
Find More Solutions
Find More Solutions
Explore our approved partners listing for hundreds of software solutions to tackle your toughest business challenges — from sales, to service, to making the most of your data.
Through our Dealer Data Exchange (DDX) tool, we’ve improved the transparency of data flows for dealerships. DDX gives dealers powerful data visibility and control, so they can see exactly what data partners are using, and how.
We continue to grow our approved partner lists so dealerships can have more choices for the services they need most. Easily customize your integrations across different business areas, vendors, and applications.

This is CDK Global

Some are afraid of change. Not us. Change is exciting. We want to be a part of it and help shape the future at a global and local level.  

From creating an open platform to build better connections between manufacturers, dealers and customers to providing solutions for every touchpoint of a customer’s purchase and ownership experience. We’re committed to doing this together and exploring all of the endless possibilities that exist across all automotive and related industries.