Smarter business decisions with dealer data.

Dealer data can give OEMs an incredible amount of business intelligence – if they can use it. CDK enables OEMs to ingest, standardize, and make sense of that data, all in a secure environment.

The Dealer Data Challenge

The benefits of having reliable data flowing in from your dealer network are obvious. But OEMs know it’s not always that easy to get.

First, you need the capability to handle vast amounts of data securely. You need to combine disparate data sets delivered from a range of DMSs. You need to make sense of the data, when dealers use varying terminology to describe the same information. And you need to be confident the whole solution is reliable. In short, building a solution requires a big investment in a non-core capability.

The CDK Solution

CDK collaborates with every OEM in North America for more reliable and secure integrations between you and the dealers who sell your vehicles. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with OEMs for years to bring unique solutions to the automotive industry.

We understand what OEMs want and we operate at the scale they need. Here’s a snapshot of what we deliver to clients:

  • 1-2 TB of DMS data transmitted per day
  • 20,000 DMS connections per day
  • 250,000 load-and-clean jobs per day
  • 24/7 monitoring
OEM Partnership Offerings Features
CDK Managed Data Services let you leave the hard work to us, and focus your staff on what they do best.
Merge Datasets
We have the ability to connect with over 40 different DMS providers. We can combine disparate data sets from these different systems to give you an aggregate view of all your dealerships.
Data Organization
We apply a consistent organization and terminology to your dealership data so you can compare like with like. It’s straightforward to change your datasets, and identify and map alternate field sources.
24/7 Monitoring
CDK is always looking out for your data, watching for DMS changes, buy/sells, dropped connections, and more.
Reliable Support
Our expert support team has expertise in technology, data, and the automotive industry – and they provide outstanding customer service, too.

This is CDK Global

Some are afraid of change. Not us. Change is exciting. We want to be a part of it and help shape the future at a global and local level.  

From creating an open platform to build better connections between manufacturers, dealers and customers to providing solutions for every touchpoint of a customer’s purchase and ownership experience. We’re committed to doing this together and exploring all of the endless possibilities that exist across all automotive and related industries.