13 January 2020

Websites: California Consumer Privacy Act

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state law that enhances the protection of personal information of California residents. It enhances the privacy rights of California consumers and requires businesses to be transparent about their collection, use and transfer of consumers’ personal information. Effective January 1, 2020.



How is CDK Digital helping me with my CCPA compliance efforts on my CDK Website?

CDK will provide the following capabilities to assist with privacy compliance:

1. A CCPA-specific section within the privacy statement for dealers to inform consumers about the categories of PI collected, the business purpose, and 3rd parties with whom the data has been shared or sold. This section will also include dealer contacts for consumer requests to review, opt-out of sale, or deletion of personal data.


2. A footer link labeled "California Consumer Privacy" has been added to every page on the site and will take users to the CCPA-specific privacy statement. If you sell consumers’ personal data, please update this link label to “Do-not-sell-my-personal-information”.


3. A link to the CCPA-specific privacy statement within each website form that says "View Privacy Notice and Consumer Rights".


4. A tool within Website Manager that enables dealers to fulfill consumer privacy requests across CDK digital products. Capabilities include the following:

·        Search for customers across digital product

·        Review consumer personal information stored in digital data stores

·        For verified customers:

o   Print or share electronic copies of stored data

o   For dealers that sell data, set consumer preference to “opt-out” of personal data sale

o   Delete consumer personal information


For more information, click here.



If you have CDK Digital Advertising and a CDK Website…

CDK has provided a Digital Advertising portion to your Privacy Policy, where consumers can request to review, opt-out of the sale of personal information, or delete personal information. CDK will respond to these requests, and no action is required of the dealer. 


If you have CDK Digital Advertising and do NOT have a CDK website…

CDK provides a link which should be added to your Privacy Policy that will allow consumers to see a description of their rights under CCPA, the categories of information we collect and their uses, and also to request any actions around their data as defined by the law.  Please reach out to your CDK Digital Advertising Analyst for the link.


CDK collects data anonymously through browser behaviors and therefore cannot remove data for a consumer when given a name, address, or any well-established sources of personal information. Therefore, going through the provided link will be the only means for Dealers to allow their consumers access to CDK Digital Advertising data.


On-Demand Webinar: A Dealer's Guide to CCPA with CDK Digital

Watch the on-demand webinar, A Dealer's Guide to CCPA with CDK Digital, to learn how to navigate CCPA with your CDK Digital products. Watch Now


If you have questions, please reach out to CCPAQuestions@cdk.com  


CDK Digital is providing tools as a service provider. The dealership is ultimately responsible for their CCPA compliance. We recommend dealers consult with their legal and/or advisory team(s) for a full compliancy implementation plan.