13 December 2019

Websites: Rapid Search Available to All



How Does it Work?

Shoppers can search by Year, Make, Model, Trim, and/or Features in the open search field at the top of the Vehicle Listings. As search terms are entered, results will be displayed in real-time without needing to click enter. The tool is available on all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.



Is there an additional cost?

No, this new feature is being released to all CDK Website customers at no additional charge.



How is it Configured?

Settings to show or hide Rapid Search are found in the Configuration options for Vehicle Filters on the Vehicle Search Results Page in Website Manager Editor. The feature has been enabled by default for all websites.



What are the Time Savings?

In side by side comparisons, searches for vehicles using Rapid Search were completed in half the time of searches using the conventional vehicle filters. Using Rapid Search, a search for “Used Black Truck with Navigation” was completed in 15 seconds. Manually selecting the features using horizontal filters took 30 seconds for the same search.