15 March 2019

Websites: Customize your Compare Cart pop-up

This update allows you more customized control over the way your website looks and works, while also providing shoppers with a key shopping tool they need as they move closer to a decision on which of your cars they’re going to drive home.
This features allows an additional degree of customization for your websites, by allowing you to decide where the Compare Car pop-up appears on a user’s screen.
You can choose between a default setting and six options: top left, center or right, or bottom left, center or right.
To configure it:

  1. Starting from the Editor, click the HomePage card
  2. Enter VehicleSearchResults in the search field, then select it from the list below
  3. Click vehicleFilters to expand the accordion
  4. Click vsrCompare to expand the card
  5. Click the Style icon – shaped like a blue paintbrush
  6. Scroll down to Compare Pop Up Location and click on the downward arrow to expand the accordion
  7. Select the location option you prefer; the default setting is for the Pop Up to be just off the upper right-hand corner, but you have six other options.

  1. Click Done.