15 March 2019

Websites: Use Specials Card to highlight offers by type

When you’re running a special – a discount or lease offer, or maybe special financing – you want to make sure potential shoppers know about it.
That’s why we’ve added a new feature that allows you to add special offers to your specials rotator, so you can put those offers front and center on your home page, or on a key landing page.
This feature of the specials rotator can be used to highlight specific kinds of offers, such as lease deals, finance offers or discounts.
To enable it:

  1. Starting at the Editor, click on the Specials Rotator Details card
  2. Click on the Style icon – the blue paintbrush to open the specialRotatorInstance card
  3. Click on the Config icon – the blue gear http://dsonlinehelp.com/PID/oh/en_US/pid/help/applications/ab_websitemanager_cl/MM070/Content/Resources/Images/Gear_25x25.png
  4. Under Offer Type, select from the options available: Discount, Lease, Finance and Other types.
  5. Click Done.