10 June 2019

New Website Calendar: Schedule Designs

Seasonal events and holidays are essential in dealer pricing and special displays. CDK offers the largest design library to provide our dealers with the most styling options.

Now schedule these designs to activate and deactivate automatically with Website Calendar!


Default Design

A site’s Default Design is activated when there is no design scheduled. For example, if a site has the Solstice Design scheduled for the months of July and August only and then has the Harvest Design scheduled for the month of November, the Default Design would be applied between the 2 scheduled events for the months of September and October. CDK recommends using a non-seasonal design as a site’s selected Default Design.


Scheduled Designs

Scheduling Designs is easy! Click “SCHEDULE A DESIGN” to select a design, color palette, gutter preference, font, start date, and end date. Designs will integrate with the dealer’s time zone to activate at midnight on the start date and deactivate at 11:59pm on the end date. Designs can be scheduled up to 13 months in advance.


Customizable Website Design

CDK offers creative control of the website look and feel. Utilize the Design tools in Website Manager to customize different aspects of the Default and Scheduled Designs. Pick a color palette, select a gutter size, and choose a font style that looks best.

CDK Designs come bundled with color palettes that align closely with the theme of the design. Our Harvest color palettes use warm rich colors of fall while the summer Solstice Design has bright fun colors associated with time in the sun. Utilize one of our CDK color palettes or create a custom mix of colors!*


Launch the new Website Calendar from top of Website Manager or from within Site Tools.

Utilize the dropdown menus in the new Design & Schedules tool to preview the look of the website and choose the best combination.