Dealership Applications

Elevate operational capabilities and enhance business functions

Your staff shouldn’t be distracted and bogged down by server failures, cumbersome paperwork, and slow-responding systems. That’s why our Dealership Applications seamlessly integrate across your entire dealership, making sure processes are streamlined and efficient.

Do More With Dealership Applications
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  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    Your dealership needs to run smoothly on a 24/7 basis. That means you can’t afford to lost time due to malfunctions and outdated processes. Improve the performance and productivity of your business with powerful tools to streamline transactions, uphold server access, and lift customer expectations.

  • Focus on Continued Growth
  • Focus on Continued Growth

    When your attention is on maintenance and paperwork, you’re not allotting enough time to concentrate on more important matters, such as serving customers, reducing overhead costs, and expanding your operations. Our suite of applications is designed for the marine industry to help you manage your operations proficiently and effectively.

  • Eliminate Costly Processes
  • Eliminate Costly Processes

    Automated submissions, real-time credit reporting, and up-to-the-minute inventory reviews can vastly reduce the need for time consuming paperwork and manual approval checks. Equip your dealership with the cost-effective tools aimed at keeping your costs low and productivity high.

    How Can Dealership Applications Improve Efficiency?


    Your focus is on running a successful business. Ours is on making sure you’re able to do it more resourcefully and profitably. CDK Global has built integration to third parties, web services, and supplementary tools so you can add even more value into your organization.

    CDK Dealership Applications can help your marine dealership if you're having difficulty.


    • Streamlining the purchase process

    • Maintaining reliable server access

    • Selling obsolete parts and units

    • Locating parts and units to add to your inventory

    • Managing an up-to-date, professionally designed website

    • Accurately measuring your dealership’s performance

    • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork from your operations

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